Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'll be home for Christmas...

Back from Kelantan at last after 9 (tiring) days working there. Flew back from Kota Bahru on Tuesday night and reached back home around 12 plus. Had to work the next day too, so you can imagine me, tired, lack of sleep, working in the office. I was yawning away every few minutes. The only time i didn't feel sleepy was during lunch! Ha, what to do...the remaining time i'd be facing the computer only. Took leave for today, cause i had some 'matters' to settle. Ahem. *Grin*

KB any other small town. Was raining everyday there except on the day i was flying back. I didn't get to visit any of the places there (unless you consider KB Mall as an attraction). Spent most of my time working at the places i'm suppose to work at and the hotel (where i continued working till very late). Yeah, so...there isn't much that i can talk about KB. Oh, food there is quite cheap, that's all i can say. But a word of advice, choose your hotel properly.

I'll be going back home on Saturday for Christmas. I've already missed out a few Christmases at home already. Did anyone put the tree up yet? I'm hoping to get an early Chirstmas present. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope to get the call soon!!

King Kong anyone?

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Am proud to say that i was one of the first people who went to watch Narnia, of course that meant going at 11.45 p.m on the 7th.

The movie was good, simple and thorough. Follows the book closely. Was funny at some parts, easy to understand, but of course that's easy as the book isn't that thick. I 've got the book at home, but now trying to read the other 6 books as well. *Ben, you thinking of buying the whole set?* *blink, blink* :D

I'll be going to Kelantan on Monday, will be there for about 10 days. Got a project there. Hope it doesn't flood at the place where i'll be. Don't want to delay this project anymore. Had enough of it!! (But if it does flood, i hope this project will be brought forward to next year so i got time to plan my escape!!)

So it's adios for now. I'll be back!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harry Potter Dan Gelas Berapi

Right.....somehow i got the word 'gunung berapi' in my head. Goblet = Gelas??? Doesn't sound dignified any more.

So yeah, i went to watch Harry Potter recently. Well, it was full of action but......somehow the story line was lil' distorted. There wasn't a clear story line at all. People who never read any of the books would be totally lost. So that was the disappointing part to me. I had very high hopes for this movie but i only feel 50% satisfied.

To me Dum-bly-dore was a lil' aggressive, especially the part when he asked Harry if he put his name into the Gelas Berapi. In the book he was potrayed as calm, never afraid, more levelheaded kinda guy but in the movie he was, well.....opposite. Richard Harris (RIP) did a better job.

And what happened to Ludo Bagman?? Percy?? Mrs. Weasley?? And and.......etc.

Oh and where's that 'Wronski Fient' stunt?? And the Quidditch World Cup was fast-forwarded i felt like it was censored....u know like on tv, when there's a kissing scene, the guy and girl lean forward to each other and then before u know it they are parting already. I know i can't expect the movie to be exactly like the book, but i feel some parts shouldn't have been taken out.

Ok, ok....enough bashing let's move on to what was good in the movie. Hmmmm.... the Triwizard Tournament was good, only the third task was missing all the creatures. The Quidditch World Cup part had potential to be good, but then it was brutally cut off so.......

Anyways, there are other movies coming out, like Narnia. Read the book when i was younger hopefully the movie is as good. Reckon King Kong will be worth watching? Directed by Peter Jackson (of the LOTR fame), so it should be ok. Any other nice movies coming out?

Friday, November 25, 2005

All about FOOD!

What a week (make it 'weeks') it has been. Was busy with work last week, had a deadline to meet, so I had to work through the weekend. And there’s no replacement for missing the weekend or any OT. Was suppose to go Kelantan last Monday, but someone else went in my place instead, but I may have to go in a few weeks time.

Oh ya, I’ve got a meme to do….it has taken me sometime to think of what food I like. I mean, there’s lots of food that I like, but what I like most got me thinking. Man, if anyone asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch/dinner I would be in a dilemma cause sometimes there’s lots of things I wanna eat. Ok, so let’s get on with this meme..

1. Curry Tuesdays

When I was in primary school, there was one phase when me mom cooked curry chicken and fried noodles on Tuesdays. I remember eating it for lunch and I would sometimes bring it to school for recess (afternoon session that time). I really liked the curry on my noodles, great combo. I forgot when my mom stopped cooking curry on Tuesdays. Hmmm..

2. Junk Food Fest

Of course when I was younger, eating junk food was not encouraged. Junk food to me included all those cheap 20 cents per packet of twisties, super ring and so on, those 5 cents a piece chewing gum (those in green and white packaging), ice-cream and so on. At school, we aren’t allowed to buy any junk food from those vendors who stop outside out school when school’s out. So what I would do is whenever I go for piano lessons (only a few houses away from mine), I would go to the shop near there after my lessons to get my supply of junk food with the allowance I got. Muahahha....

3. Meat floss

Another food I liked and still like is meat floss! Yum. It’s nice to eat alone or together with bread. When I was young my dad used to buy meat floss for me once in a while. Or whenever I’m sick and I have to go see the doctor, my parents would get me something after that, sometimes meat floss. Ho ho ho….Bribery, i know.

4. Char Kuey Tiow

When I was younger there was this char kuey tiow seller who would come around my housing area on his mobile stall to sell ckt. He would honk his horn to let people know he’s coming and whoever wanted to buy would call (more of like yell or shout) him from their houses. He would then stop and start frying the orders. Buyers would slowly turn up and make their orders and wait for him to prepare. I would always bring my own plate and an egg out (accompanied by one of my parents or siblings) and make my order (no 'see ham' please!) then stand around the guy till he finished cooking my order. I can’t remember if the ckt was nice or not but it must have been cause I remember eating it a lot!

5. Canteen Food

My school canteen sold a variety of food. Sausages, burgers, noodles, chicken rice, tomyam, soto, chips, keropok, meesiput (how to spell that?), keropok lekor, guava, drinks and so on. So everyday, I would look forward to recess when I can buy my choice of food for that day. Sometimes me and my friends would buy different kinds of food and then share it among ourselves. Some feast eh. And on Canteen Day or during ‘Pasar Ria’ my school organized, the students would be the one selling food instead. We would have to buy using coupons printed specially for that day itself. Me and my friends would walk around choosing what to purchase or we would be busy selling food. It was great fun!

Ok, I pass this meme on to…..em….whoever reads my blog. Seriously, I don’t update often, and I dunno who reads my blog. So let me know if you’ve done this meme.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Selamat DeepaRaya!

Make that belated. Alright, i'll try and stop my habit of blogging only once a month.....and making up excuses for not blogging!

Am back home for the hols now. But i can't enjoy it, been hit with a nasty case of food poisoning. So yeah, i've not been eating well and can't enjoy any of my favourite dishes so far and it's already Friday!! Have to get my ass back in KL on Sunday. (did i mention i've been working for a month now? will get to that laters) The thing is, i've been thinking a lot about rendang, curry, all those yummy foods. But the longer i think of it, i would feel nauseous. Damn. But at least i got rid of my fever and now i'm on my road to recovery by eating tasteless food.

About my work....well, i'm not saying my company's name here. It's just a small company run by 4 not-so-friendly bosses. Yeah, not even a 'hello' or 'good morning' or even a smile when they see us employees. Heck, the guy who interviewed me didn't shake my hand! I'm just there for the money, not that it's much anyways. I'll start job-hunting again, as soon as i finish up my project.

Oh and i've been tagged with a food meme (ages ago). Hmmm...will get to that the next time i blog. Can't think of food now. *sniff*

Monday, October 10, 2005

Back from the dead

Hello ppl, i'm back from er...a 1 month hiatus. *sheepish smile* Ok, ok, i was lazy to update. Happy? With the slow internet and equally slow computer, i rather sleep. I tried to update 2 weeks ago, i typed it all out, ready to post, and then my internet failed on me. So, yeah.

Been bumming around Kl a lot! Have been to all the shopping malls around here and i still need to shop! Okla, in between i went for interviews. And got a job. Yep. Really. Been working for 1 week already. Honest. Looking for a room/apartment now. So anyone who has any good contacts, do let me know.

So far working life has been...making me sleepy. I feel sleepy in the m morning (with or without coffee also same effect), sleepy after lunch (i get hyped for lunch hour), sleepy after work (even through dinner)....and the cycle goes on. It's been a hopefully things perk up soon.

Watched 'Flight Plan' last week. Was nice, much better than 'Red Eye'. It has it's twists here and there. But couldn't work out which one was Sean Bean. Until the end when we saw the credits. Heard he was good in 'The Island'. Hmm...must get my hands on the dvd.

So far, i've been watching a lot of 'Family Guy', 'American Dad' and 'Joey'. All as funny, but i prefer 'Family Guy'. 'American Dad' is by the same producers...but still not as good. Oh, and i got a new book to read. John Grisham's 'The Broker'. Seems like i'll be keeping myself busy. Ok, i'll try and update more often. If i have anything to post that is. No promises. Not like there're ppl reading my blog.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Ok, so i've not been blogging. A bit lazy on my part and also a bit lack of contents. Anyway, i've been here in Melaka for a week now. Searching for jobs and all. I worked 2 days at my sister's office. Just some simple data entry and taking calls. I'm just there for the money, so......

I'm off to KL again this weekend. For job interviews and more shopping!! I'll update again when i'm back, which is about in a week or more. So watch this space!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bummin' around

Got back from KL yesterday and after an hour at home, I headed straight to Melaka. Last minute decision, really. At least the internet is faster here (the line at home is going through PMS....a long one at it!).

It was fun in KL. Didn't get to meet up with most of my friends though. Sorry guys. I went by bus, and it was pratically empty both trips. Had only about 6-7 passengers. Is it me or has the bus seats become more spacious? Last time i remembered the space between my seat and the one in front was much smaller. I didn't shrink, ok!

Went shopping for clothes and ended up with a blouse and skirt. Hmmm...sounds like I still need to go shopping....oh and I need shoes!! The more the merrier, rite? :D Checked out the new GSC cinema in 1U which was nice, comfortable and spacious. Watched 'Red Eye'. It was so-s0 la but Cillian Murphy really knows how to act creepy. Didn't celebrate Merdeka in KL, but I did hear some fireworks.......counted ar?

Now after the short trip to KL, it's back to job hunting. Oh, and I have some dvds to watch as well. I can watch 23 episodes of 'Lost' back-to-back now. Muahahaha.

Oh, and i changed my blog title. The previous one created from what I know. Didn't like it anyways. I didn't put much thought to it, so it didn't occur to me that it could have been interpreted that way. Funny, though. Ah well, this title will make do till I come up with a new one.......if I ever remember that is.

Alrighty, will update again......when I have things to update about.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Back home

I've been back for slightly more than a week now. The journey was okay. Watched some movies, drank and ate a lot and managed to sleep for about 3 hours. No jet lag. Good thing about having flexible sleeping hours, eh?

At home, it's the usual. Watch tv, read books, surf the painfully slow net (dial-up), sleep, eat......and repeat the cycle again the next day. Oh ya, job hunting too. But it's hard when the freaking internet decides to disconnect itself very so often and the speed is just way toooo slow. I can read a few pages of a book while waiting for it to load 1 page. I can hear you broadband people laughing at me. Don't think i should get broadband cause there's no one else using the internet at home and i don't know where i'll be working.

It's bored here when there's nothing to do, no where to go, no friends around. So far i've eaten char kuey tiow 3 times since i got back and i still want more! Miss it too much.

I'm off to KL tomorrow. Meeting up some friends, doing some shopping (wheee!) and basically just hanging out. Fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My last flight out...

.....for now! I'm flying off today! The plane's at 8:00p.m. but my journey's gonna start at 2:30p.m. Going to the bus station first, and then hop on the bus to the airport. *Phew* imagine hauling my luggage and bags. Hope my big one's not overweight.

Last night had dinner with friends. Sort of like farewell dinner. We went to a restaurant called Sr. Titus Salt something something. Can't remember. Went there before, for my friend's farewell dinner too. Food was nice. Yumm. After that went to a friend's room to watch the Initial D movie! I'm a big fan of the anime, but watching real cars drifting is much better! Wasn't paying much attention to the actors or their acting just the drifting. Honest!! But i wish there were more races, though. In fact, i rather watch a real drifting competition!

It's my last few hours here in Bradford. Gonna miss this place.....not! Well, will miss my friends though. All the dinners we cooked together, outings, jokes we laughed together...etc. *Sigh* Hope to see them again. *Hey, Bob! Get married already! And invite us all!!*

Well, all my backs are packed.....almost. I'm ready to go......very ready!! :D

Okie dokie, this is my last blog in UK. Next time i will be in Malaysia. ( dial up.... -_-''''') Will miss the broadband here. Bon voyage.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm coming home, baby!

Oh yes! It's 2 more days till i step into the MAS aeroplane for my 13-hour flight back home. My huge trunk is already filled and weighs a ton. Left my backpack and another smaller bag to pack. Those have to be done last minute. Oh, and also my laptop bag. -_-''

This is just like when i flew over here. The same bags to carry, the same weight. I thought by tumpang-ing some of my stuff with my parents when they went back would lighten my load. Hmmm... and i'm suppose to buy 2 bottles of wine. Eeek. Hope won't kena saman (pay for the extra weight i mean).

Hmm..what shall i do when i reach back? Pig out on food that i miss? Vcd/Dvd marathon? Play with a certain baby? Heck, i can do all that at the same time.

Ok everybody, 1...2...3.....awwwwwwwwww.

Just found out that my phone (Orange line, pay as you go) cannot be used in Malaysia, unless i'm using the pay monthly scheme. No roaming there. But it'll work in Singpore! Geez, i still got credit in my phone, so i got to go to Singapore to use it? Or shall i pass it to my brother so he can use it? Nahhhhh....i'll use it all up now. :D

There's still some stuff left to pack. Some stuff could be thrown away, but don't feel like throwing. I wanna bring everything back! Even stuff like lotions, shampoo, toothpaste..down to stuff like paper clips. leh?

Nevermind, will not worry now. Will worry last minute.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Before i start, i would like to proclaim that, I hate British weather!!!!!! *ahem* Ok, done. I just got back from Italy, was in Venice, Pisa and Rome for a whole week! Sun, sun, sun, hunks, hunks, hunks!


I flew to Venice from London Gatwick airport. So i had to travel up to Leeds, take a bus to London Victoria Station and then another bus to the airport. I arrived at the airport around midnight as my flight was early in the morning. Upon reaching we searched for seats to sleep on, yes we were going to sleep in the terminal. I only managed to doze of for about half an hour or so, after that i trotted to McD's for some coffee. So much for sleeping. Bah!

At 7.00 a.m. we were off to Venice! At one point of the flight, the view from the top was beautiful!Breathtaking!!Superb!Marvelous!! See for yourself:

Spectacular, no? Soon after this, we reached Venice. I was quick to notice that there was lots of er...water. Streets are narrow, loads of tourists, water water water. Oh, and the gondola rides are very expensive!!

But it'll be nice for couples or a big family holidaying together. I'll just be satisfied with the waterbus for now. *sigh*

Oh, there were loads of pizza, pasta and ice-cream shops. Managed to find a shop that sells very cheap pizzas (they were huge!) and ice-creams of all flavours.

This costs Є3 which has 6 scoops of different ices! Damn shiok man. It was hot in Italy so ice-creams are a staple diet. We ate ice-cream like, alomost everyday!

In Venice, we visited a popular part called San Marco. The main attractions are there. There were loads of people around the area. We visited the Basilica San Marco and went up the Campanile (tower).

When there's tourist, there's a lot of souvenir shops. In Venice, they were selling loads of masks (those u can wear, keychain form, and those u can pin on) and jester hats!

That's all about Venice: water, gondolas, masks, water, jester hats, water, Basilica, water, tourists, water and more water.


In Pisa, there's only 1 thing to look forward to. Yes, the leaning tower. The sole purpose we went there is to go up the tower. It costs є15 to go up the tower and you can only go up in groups at every half hour.

Presenting the Leaning Tower of Pisa @ Torre Pendente. It leans to one side, which means the steps up the tower are slanted as well. The steps were kinda slippery (made of marble?) + slanted to one side + me wearing slippery slippers = scary climb up + even more scarier climb down. On the way back down, i could feel my legs turning into jelly. Note to others: wear shoes with good soles. The leaning tower was located at Piazza Del Duomo, which also has famous landmarks like the Cathedral and Baptistry. But i didn't go into those two, due to time constraint.

If you go to Italy, and you noticed a lot of people using branded watches and bags such as LV and Gucci, don't be fooled! There were many Africans? selling fake goods at the roadside. Saw a lot of them in Pisa.


All roads lead to Rome! A must go if you're in Italy. If you don't, then go Italy for what?!

We went to Rome on a train. Now, it's my first time coming across this kinda trains that have seperate carriages, you know, like those in Harry Potter. There are 6 seats in each compartment. Reminds me of the movie 'Eurotrip' where the Italian man goes 'scusi, 'scusi. Ok, enough about the train.

The first stop? Vatican Museum. The queue was veryyyyyyyyy long. All around the perimeter of the museum. So what did we do? Jump queue! Haha. *ahem* Which is very very bad. You should not do that. I feel so guilty.........not. If you guys read, Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons' it's very informative. Now i know what landmarks, paintings, etc are important and their historical background. So, we went into the museum, saw loads of paintings, sculptures, etc. The museum also leads to the Sistine Chapel. Which is a Not suppose to take pictures inside. But we managed to sneakily take some.

Ta-da! The most famous painting there. After going through the Sistine Chapel, it's back into the museum. Just walking idly around and then went on straight to St. Peter's Square.

Here's a night shot of St. Peter's Basilica. It didn't take long for us to get into Vatican City, only passed through metal detectors, then passed guards who check your outfit. Yes people, there is a dress code to enter the city. As a sign of respect, you're suppose to wear shirts/blouses with sleeves and pants/skirts which are below the knee. Else the Swiss guards will use their swords and poke it up ur a**. Ok, so i made that up. I only saw 2 guards in their full glory (blue and gold striped tunic). Others were in dark blue tunics.

We went into the Basilica, which was huge! And also climbed up the dome (320 steps!!) and saw the Popes' tombs.

Next stop was the Colosseum and Palatine Hill (the Roman Forum is there). Here's a night shot:

Nice leh? We also went to the Spanish Steps (not decorated, disappointing), the Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain.

This is Trevi fountain. Beautiful! People are suppose to throw a coin over their shoulders/heads with their backs facing the fountain. If it goes in, means you'll visit the fountain again. It was easy to get the coin in, though. Hmmm...

Ok, that's it for Italy. My last trip for now. Will be going back to Malaysia in a few days. Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Off to see more hunks!

Oh yeah, i'll be going to Italy tomorrow. Well, not exactly tomorrow la, but i got to get to London tomorrow to catch my early morning flight to Italy on Thursday!! What to do, the earlier you go, the cheaper the flight tickets are. Low cost airline. Get it?

Anyways, will be going to Leeds in the evening to catch my 6 p.m. bus to London. And then from London, it's another bus to London Gatwick Airport. After that, i'll have to sleep (hopefully) at the terminal till it's time to check-in and all. -_-''

Nevermind, i'll get to see Italian hunks!! Venice! Pisa!! Rome!!! Woohoo!! Jealous? Grab a number and get in line. And it's too late to order souvenirs now, I'll be basking under the Italian sun, pigging out on Italian pizza and watching cute Italian hunks walk by.

On a different note, i just had a nice dinner. Mixed meat donner, bought from a local fish and chip shop. Here's a pic:

Absolutely yummy. It's got shredded beef (like how they do for kebabs) and pieces of chicken pilled on top of fries and a bit of salad. All for £2.50. A very big serving. I ate half and started blogging. Should i leave it for breakfast? Hmmm...

Alrighty, that's it for now. Will blog again once i get back. Ciao.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Willy Wonka's Chocolate

It was a cold and wet morning. Yes, i wake up in the mornings now. Anyways, it's been cold and wet for a few days now. What happened to summer?? Where's the sun?? Damn British weather.

Ok, so where was i? Oh ya, it was a cold and wet morning and i didn't feel like going out. Not like there's anywhere to go. The weather is perfect for curling up on your bed with a good book with snacks of course.

So i decided to try one of those Willy Wonka chocolates i bought from Jackson's. Actually, i didn't know about the chocs until i saw my parents buying some. Woohoo~

Yummy...but it goes straight to the arse!

There's another flavour, but forgot what it's called. Very nice and..erm..chocolaty. The Nutty Crunch Surprise has no nuts in it. That's the surprise. Yeah. Surprised? Anyways, i think it's nicer than the Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. Phew, what mouthful. And i didn't find a Golden Ticket! Suppose to have 5 Golden Tickets and winners get to tour a US chocolate factory. Dang...or maybe i should just buy more chocolates. Hmmm...

See the fudgemallow?

Ok, i got way to much free time. I'm going to Italy on Thursday! Gonna take pics with the Pope! Heh, fat chance.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Phew, what a month!

I'm back! Done holidaying and graduating! Hmm..where shall i begin? Ok, so I was in London and Paris with my parents. Kinda scary with the bombs and all. I thought it wouldn't happen again after the first time. Mana tau, a copy of it happened! Luckily, we weren't there at those times, but between them.

Ok, so we went to London to stay for a night before heading to Paris. When we reached London, we walked from Victoria Station to Piccadilly Circus where we were staying. On the way, we passed Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. I went to those places before the last time I had a 4 hour stop-over there, but it was winter then so the fountains at Trafalgar Square were off and the water had a layer of ice. This time around, it was much nicer and there were many pigeons! We stop here and there to take a few photos and then straight to the hotel.

Later in the evening, we met up with my cousin who is working in London. She'll be having her graduation also, a day earlier than mine in Liverpool. She brought us to see the Marble Arch (cause it was near her workplace), Tower Bridge and the London Eye. I was expecting to see the London Eye all lit up, but then when we reached there were hardly any lights on. Bummer. So we walked by the river then headed back to the hotel.

Woke up a few hours later to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Throughout the journey, i slept. End of story. Upon reaching, we went to the hotel, dumped our stuff and went to the Eiffel Tower! Had to stand in line for about an hour to get tickets to go up, but was worth it. At first, the top floor wasn't open, then when we were about to reach the front, it opened! Woohoo. Had a good view from the top.

That's it for the first day in Paris, the next day we went to Disneyland!! It was about 1/2 hour journey from the city by train. We got to upgrade our tickets by 10Euro to enter both the park and studio. We went to park first. It was very big. I went in search for the most scariest ride to take. Ended up at the Indiana Jones ride and another indoor ride called 'Space Mission 2' if i'm not mistaken. The indoor one was nice, the whole place pitch black and it had loops. :D After a spot of lunch, we went to Disneyland Studios. Again, went in search for the best ride and I found it! Rock&Roll rollercoaster!! Also an indoor one, with multiple loops. Cooool. My parents also went on the ride. I think they didn't know it was a rollercoaster till it was too late. Haha. Poor mom. She was terrified. Ah well, there's always a first time.

Later that night, we went to see fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. It was Bastille Day, celebrated every 14th of July. It marks the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the First Republic (okok, so i copied that sentence from somewhere).

Nice leh? It was worth going all the way there, squeezing into the metro and all.

The next day we went to The Louvre and Arc De Triomphe. A must see in Paris. As usual, went to see the Mona Lisa. It was very crowded at the area. Had to line up to take her picture! Talk about celebrity status.

After 3 nights in Paris, it was off to London again for another 2 nights. In London, we went to the British Museum and Madame Tussaud's. Took photos with all the wax figures and all.

Had a nice week away, but i got sick after coming back. Heck, i'm still sick. But during my graduation, i was fine. It was very windy that day. Quite hard when it came to taking pictures. And my, a whole lot of pictures we took! And there were a few photographers as well. So now I have lots of photos containing the same people, same background in different angles. -_-''

My parents have left. Will be busy recuperating (from my sickness not my parent's visit) the next few days. *cough cough*

Monday, July 11, 2005

Off again!

Yeah, mum and dad are here. Reached Manchester Airport last nite. My dad told me beforehand that they were landing at Terminal 1. So i waited there. For about an hour. Waited and waited, till i heard an announcement asking ME to go to the information counter. I rushed there, and there was my parents. They landed in Terminal 2. -_-'' Apparently the agent told them the wrong information. Ha. But nevermind, they reached safely that's all that matters.

Took sometime to reach back to Bradford. We tried to catch an earlier bus, but there weren't any! So we had some food at the airport while waiting for the bus. By the time we reached back to my hall, it was 11.30p.m. We organised my room, moved some stuff here and there, took turns taking showers and went off to bed at 12.30.

I thought since they were tired, they wouldn't be waking up so early. But nooOooo....they woke up by 6.30. Being a light sleeper, their movements woke me up though they were trying hard not to make much noise. >_< So i woke up, had breakfast with them and took them around campus. A short campus tour in the fresh morning air. After that we headed off to the city centre. Looking around, buying some fruits and I found a pair of black shoes for my graduation. After that, we came back to my room and i prepared lunch. Spaghetti. Easy. Heh.

Will be going off to London tomorrow and then Paris the following day. The bombings last week really scared us, but we still had to go to Paris from London. Anyways, we'll be alright. I got faith. I'll be away for another week.

I just got my results...was quite good. But i'm not satisfied. Well, what to do, i'm hard to please.
Oh well, can't do anything bout it. Off to eat french fries and toast! Bye~

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm back from Spain!! Anyone missed me? Anyone? At all? Fine!

Anyways, it was nice and sunny in Spain. A lil toooo sunny. It was 38 degrees in Seville!! I got burned on my shoulders, on my second day there. Ok, so where should i start? I flew to Barcelona and then took trains to Madrid, Seville and Valencia and then flew back to UK. My mission?
1. Zara
2. Mango
3. Drool at sexy Spanish guys
4. Nude beaches Get high on Sangria

I completed my mission, though the Sangria only gave me rashes. Always happens when i drink too much anyways. Ok, so here goes.


The day started early in the morning. Ok, so maybe not that early. We went to LeedsBradford Airport to catch our 2.00p.m. flight to Barcelona. It was a 2 hour flight, so we reached at 4.00p.m UK time but Spain is an hour faster so that makes it 5.00p.m. Upon reaching, we hopped on the metro and sped off to the city centre. We got a lil lost looking for our hotel, but what caught my eyes were Mango and Zara. 0_0

We were staying at Las Ramblas street, which was conveniently the MOST happening street in Barcelona. It was one long stretch of road until the waterfront. The street was lined with stalls selling from chickens to flowers, restaurants, and street artisans. At the waterfront there's a Christopher Columbus column, with him pointing to the sea.

Maybe he saw some mermaids or something.

The most common food we could find here were tapas (seafood, meant as a snack) and paella (something like fried rice with seafood). Oh, and the famous Spanish alcoholic drink, Sangria. Sangria comes in 2 versions, white and red wine. It's mixed with brandy and fruits. But it tasted like wine plus ice to me. This is the white wine version, the red wine version looks the same only in red la.

This is paella:

This is a type of tapa:

Nice leh. Jealous or not? Muahahha...

Ok, enough about food. When in Barcelona you must know this name 'Antoni Gaudi'. He's a designer, architect and an engineering genius here. He designed the famous Sagrada Familia. A must see before you die building, according to Lonely Planet la. He also designed Parc Guell and Casa Mila among other buildings.

The Sagrada Familia. Still under construction. Since 1882.

We mostly visited those places by Gaudi. Yeah, that's about it. Next stop, Madrid!


Ok, i didn't find Madrid as fun as Barcelona. But i happen to come across something that was INTERESTING. will talk about it later.

It took us about 4 hours to Madrid by train. ( Note: If you wanna travel cheaper get inter-rail tickets. It let's u travel around Europe cheaper). We stayed in this hostel called Cat's Hostel. It's the nice place, a World Heritage building. It's cheaper to stay in hostels. This one had air-con in the rooms, free breakfast and free internet! And the people staying there were nice to hangout with. Made friends with those from US, Australia, Denmark and more. We stayed there for 2 nights. The second night there, the hostel was celebrating its 1st year anniversary. There was a flamenco dance performance and free paella. Forget about paella, it was FREE Flamenco Dance, baby! And i had a sit right in front!! I was called up by the guy to dance a few steps. Damn shy man, but heck, it was a nice experience.

Damn ganas rite? I have a few videos. Anyone interested?

In Madrid i didn't do much. I went to the Prado Museum. Yes, yet another museum. We were heading to the museum and guess what was happening on the street right in front of it? Gay Parade! Woohoo. Saw a lot of naked butts. Sorry, was looking at the guys ones only. But i saw some women walking with their tops of. Anyways, back to the guys. There was one dancing naked but holding a cloth to cover his privates. Teasing the crowd by moving the cloth around. Like wanna show, don't want to show like that. Haha. The whole street was filled with trucks and busses with gays and lesbians dancing on them. Damn happening. When we got there, it was just starting so we went into the museum first, but when we came out the whole street was jam packed with ppl!! And they were handing out freebies. Those rainbow flags, gay magazine, free facial/body products, etc. Here's one of the buses.

If you want more photos, contact me. :D All i can say is, why are gay men so damn leng chai!

That's all the memories i have of Madrid. We didn't go much places because we went to Toledo. A town 1 hour away from Madrid. It used to be the capital of Spain and it's one of the top countries that produces swords. It's a nice small town, surrounded by walls and it has old spanish buildings. Nice. Reminds me of Zorro. But it still has Zara, Lacoste and Mango there. :P


After 2 days in Madrid, we went to Seville. A small town at the south. Damn hot weather. 38 degrees. When we reached there, we went straight to visit the Cathedral and Alcazar. Free on that day. Muahahah. Ok, i'm beginning to make us sound like cheapos. But really, got to save all we can so we can spend more on Booze food.

The Cathedral is one of the biggest in the world. It was really damn huge! And next to it was the Alcazar which used to be the residence of Muslim & Christian royalty. It's also damn huge! It has nice decor and even had a small park inside the compound. We could hear lots of owls as well. Here's one, the security guard was carrying it around:

Cute lil bugger with big creepy eyes eh?

There were lots of Orange Trees around ( the fruit not the colour). If you plucked it, you supposedly could be arrested. Or so they say. My friend tried the orange and said it was too sour to be eaten.

Ok, that's it for Seville. Unless you want to here my shopping escapades? No? Really? Oklor..


Last stop, Valencia. Travelled 8 hours from Seville. Boring ride. Half of the journey was spent trying to communicate with a Spanish woman who knew little English.

Valencia was quite cool. I mean the weather. A nice refreshing change from Seville. Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain. We stayed in another hostel. Called 'Home Hostel'. It's also like the one we stayed in Madrid, just minus the air-con, free internet and breakfast. Bleh. But they had a kitchen we could use to cook and the ppl were nice.

Visited the Central Market, another museum, and the beach! No nudist though. It was a nice town, something like Barcelona with less ppl. We flew back to UK after that. Ppl were putting on their jackets upon reaching the airport! So that's it. My summary of Spain. Bought loads of postcards, a small sword, clothes, and Jamon ( a spanish type of pork, pronounce as Hamon). And i got to watch The Incredibles, Shark Tale, and Sky Captain.... in Spanish!


Sorry can't write more. I'm in a hurry anway. My parents will be here tomorrow, so that means i can't blog. And then we're heading to Paris then head back for my graduation. Don't even know my results yet! *sweat sweat* Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Going on holiday!

Yup, i'm going off to Spain tomorrow.Ho ho ho~ Will be flying there by Jet2 from LeedsBradford Airport. Have been busy packing, changing money, buying stuff, and more packing. I'll be away for 10 days and when i'm back, i'll be blogging about the places i went to. If i'm not lazy that is.

Here's a pic of my old room:

This was when my stuff were 1/4 packed. My room was so messy that i could hardly move around. Had to climb over mountains and move hills to get to my door and wash basin.
I just moved into my new room 2 days ago. Woke up bright and early to start shifting my stuff. Took me about 3 hours to move and unpack everything. Was exhausted after that. I would have thought that my new room would look neater than it was before. But it hasn't change at all. -_-''

My new room is exactly the same size. As messy also.

I went to town this morning, to get some stuff for my trip. Went to the bank, topped-up my phone, got some food, etc. I went to sell off some old books i had, and i got a new book in return (had to pay a few pounds more). Got Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. Been wanting to get my hands on it for ages now. Got a few more books i want to read, but it's better to get it in M'sia. I don't want to carry too many stuff back home! The shop i got the book from lets readers return books after reading it and they get half the price back! But i wouldn't want to return it. My preciousssssss~~

So there, i'll be away from my computer for 10 days. No internet, no downloading, no chatting, no surfing, no no noooooo. Eeeks! It'll be good for me. The longest time i was away from my computer 3 days i think. It'll give my eyes some break. I'll be focusing my attention on those handsome Spanish men instead. :D A sight for sore eyes! So long then. Adios amigo!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Shopping Spree: Day 1 & Day 2

Woohoo! Been shopping a lot these 2 days. I got a good excuse for it. Graduation! Honestly. I needed a white long sleeve blouse, black pants or skirt and shoes to go with it. See, perfectly good excuse reason. So me and me friends decided to go to Leeds yesterday, cause there are more shops there. Damn, i miss shopping there already. Since i've been in UK, i've not shopped much, so i've decided to give myself a treat. :D

Day 1

Location: Leeds
Weather: Hot and sunny ( a lil cloudy at first) with an occasional nice breeze
Target: Shirt, pants/skirt and shoes
Depart to Leeds: 10.00 a.m.
Arrive back in Bradford: 7.00-ish p.m.

It's only 20 minutes from Bradford to Leeds by train. I prefer Leeds to here. Who doesn't? More shops, more people, less ah-chahs and there is a Chinatown there. Once reaching Leeds, we went to check out the chinese restaurant we wanted to have lunch in. Their buffet starts at 12p.m, so we had time to shop a lil first. Went in some shops, and i got 3 pairs of hoop earrings of different sizes (they came all in one packaging, so i HAD to buy all three rite) and a blue-yellow-white horizontally striped halter top. After walking around for a bit more, then it was time for lunch!

Had lunch in Wok Mania. We've eaten there before, and allll chinese buffets have basically the same dishes more or less. Just had chinese buffet few weeks ago when i was in Manchester. Eat until i wanna puke! But i dunno what draws us to chinese buffet yet again. Must be the Chinese-man inside all of us. I'm not much of a big eater but i do try to my best when it comes to buffet. Heh.

After lunch it was back to the shops! Went into a shopping mall and headed to H&M, quite a popular brand here. Me and Jace spend a lot of time in there, we tried on so many clothes!! So much time till the guys were bored and went to walk around the mall by themselves. I found a pair of black pants that i really like and picked out a 3/4 khaki pants. Bought those 2 pants after going in and out of the changing room so many times! Came out from H&M and went in to the shop next to it, called TK-Max. There's a branch in Bradford as well. The shops are filled with a lot clothes! But some cheap ones have limited choice. I went in straight and found a nice looking long sleeve blouse. Went to try it out, and turned out not bad. So i bought it cause it was cheap and i may not find a blouse as nice or as cheap as this one!

After that, went into MK One, another shop. Didn't stay that long, tried on a pair of khaki pants, a blouse and a skirt. Bought the pants, cause i really like it too! Oh ya, i WAS looking out for shoes along the way. But none really look nice and mostly expensive. :( We went to Topshop next. I spotted a nice looking white pants (pants again!). I really did try it out! I was on a roll that day, why stop? I wore the pants, and fell in love with it. I just had to have it! You know the feeling? If i didn't get it, and then change my mind, i won't be able to get it in Bradford cause i was just in Topshop the other day and i didn't see it. It wasn't that cheap, but i love it to bits, so no regrets! Btw, the Topshop there has the nicest changing room so far! It's quite big inside, you'll come to an area with a big big long long mirror, opposite the changing stalls. You can change inside the stall and then walk out to view yourself with that big big long long mirror. Damn nice.

It was getting quite late already, and most shops were closing so we walked a bit more, had a drink at Starbucks and then decided to head back to Bradford. Reached back around 7-ish, armed with shopping bags but i never did find a suitable pair of shoes. :( So what to do? Shopping again lor...haha.

-End of Day 1-

Day 2

Location: Bradford, City Centre.
Weather: Hot and sunny but breezy.
Target: Shoes & a movie
Depart: 11 a.m.

So the 4 of us met up again this morning to continue from what we left off yesterday. I pity the guys though. :P Headed to the city centre and went to McD for lunch first. Once we were finished, we went into Kirkgate shopping centre. Saw some shoes but not nice!! Went into MK One and this time i saw a denim skirt. Tried it on, and i bought it. :D Went into Internaçionale (another shop) and saw some nice looking belts. Bought a nice belt for meself to go with my white pants. Muahahahah. Ok, moving along.....

After that we went to catch Batman Begins. I love Orange Wednesdays! *Ahem* Ok, so the movie was so-so. The first half was all talk. About his past, what he did to get that superlicious bod of his and how he turned into Batman. I didn't know that the Bat Mobile started out that big, loud and heavy! I thought Christian Bale's mouth looked a lil funny when he wears the mask. Oh, and the mask comes with a gruffy low voice? Hehe. But it was ok overall. That man has damn nice abs and biceps! *Drool*

Reached back at 5 p.m. Was exhausted. Been waking up early these 2 days. What? 9 a.m. is early ok. Since i've been waking up like 12 or 1 p.m these days cause i sleep around 3 or 4 a.m. Need me 12 hours of beauty sleep.

-End of Day 2-

Oh well, i saw a lot of nice clothes (love the summer fashion here) but refrained from buying. Hehe. Anyways, need to save up money for my Eurotrip! So i'll be eating bread and water the next few weeks.....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Someone up there read my blog!

Oh yes, it's nice and sunny now. I can once again sleep with my window open and i can run around in shorts. Woohoo! When it's hot here, it's not as bad as Malaysia cause the air is cooler here.

Went to see the Smiths on Wednesday. Was nice as expected. Great chemistry between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Wasn't a big fan of Miss Jolie. But i must say, she's suitable for roles like this. Brad Pitt too did a good job in his role as Mr. Smith. Next up, Batman!

My uni had a 'Beach Party' yesterday at the amphitheater next to the library. They covered a small area with tons of sand and had a few small kiddie pools. They also had inflated palm trees. To create a bitchybeachy atmosphere. The whole event was shown live on the internet using Real One player and the songs they were playing could be listened to using Winamp. Kinda cool. At first i was just watching the event on my computer. It only showed one spot of the amphitheater, so i thought there weren't many people there. But when i went there myself, i was surprised by the amount of students there. Most of them were sunbathing while drinking a beer or two, some playing in the kiddie pool, playing in the sand and there was sumo wrestling as well! There were big inflated costumes for those who wanted to try out the sumo wrestling. Was kinda funny. There was a small stage set up as well and bbq at another corner. The event started at 12pm and was suppose to end at 8pm, but most ppl stayed till 10pm. I didn't stay long, just sat on the grass a while and look at what everyone was doing, that's all. Here are some pics of the Beach Party:

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub

After the Beach Party, most of the students went to the FND. Let me explain a lil abt FND. It stands for Friday Night Disco, which happens on Fridays of course. It's held at the basement in one of the buildings on campus. Not far from my hall actually. :D There's also a few bars on campus. Ahhh, typical British life. Ok, so back to FND. It's the most happening thing in Uni, no wait, it's the MOST happening thing in Bradford. I've heard that FND is quite well known in some other places as well. So students from other places come over on Fridays and party the night away! It starts at 10pm and ends at 3am. Me and my friends have been to FND for a few times already. So we went again yesterday as it will be the last FND for this semester as well as the last for us....forever! When i passed the place at 10, nobody was going in, but when i went again with my friends at 11, this time, it was overflowing with students. The queue to go in was endless! After we paid the £3 fee, we went in and headed straight to the bar and got some drinks first. As a warm up, you know. Then we lingered around the dance floor, watching some people dancing first, then joined in after finishing up our drinks. It got crowded as more and more people came in. Was there till 2 am, cause i got kinda sleepy. Heh.

When i got back from FND, i took a nice bubble bath ( that's the only source of hot water) and went to sleep around 4am. Just as i was about to fall asleep, i heard someone banging my door and trying to come into my room! I quickly got up, took a peek at who it was and did what any girl would have done. I called for security. He quickly came over and asked the drunk intruder to go away. The drunkard was staying in the room right beneath mine. That's one of the disadvantages of staying in a mixed hall with so many pubs around. Anyways, my saviour came to my rescue, so all's fine now.

Woke up this morning, ok ok afternoon, to the sound of cleaners cleaning up rooms near mine. You see, students are suppose to leave their rooms today unless they are extending their stay. So now my block is almost empty, except for me and a couple of other students. So i get the kitchen and bathroom all to myself. All mine!! Mine!!Muahahha....Almost. But i wish i could make use of those empty rooms. My room is like a war zone now. I don't want to talk about it. Off to dinner now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What's with the weather?

Few weeks ago, it was bright and sunny. The sun was blazing down, birds were chirping, flowers bloomed everywhere and i was happy. But these few days it has been cold and wet. Me don't like. Gone were the days when i could sleep with the windows opened wide and the heater off. But now, i sleep with the windows thightly closed and with a few blankets pilled on top of me. What's worst is that the heaters have been disabled. What for? No idea!! Luckily i have my trusty electrical heater which i bought when i first came here. Every morning, i lie under covers enjoying the warmth of my bed and dreading the chilliness that would greet me once i got out. Brrr....damn cold.

Last Saturday, i went to a barbecue organised by the BCCC. Had a lot of fun eating and playing games afer that. After the bbq ended, we helped our friend to move her stuff out from the halls to a house nearby. Later, we had to say goodbye to another friend who was flying back to Hongkong that night. Everyone seems to be leaving and the halls are much quieter nowadays.

Yesterday, me and some friends went to Scarborough. A town in North Yorkshire. Got there by train (£16 with railcard and £23.60 without). Thank goodness i borrowed my friend's railcard! The journey was about 2 hours, but it would have been 4 hours if we had gone by coach. Once we reached, we started to look for a place to fill our tummies. Saw a lot of fish and chips shops everywhere. Guess what we ate? Yup, fish and chips it was. Wasn't so bad, had their homemade trifle for dessert. After eating, we walked heading to the north beach (yup, there are beaches there. but thanks to the weather we couldn't enjoy it) but stopped at a park to take some pictures. Then we went to the Sea Life Centre which was located next to the beach. We saw a lot of em....fishes. There were otters, penguins and seals as well. Here are some pics:

The most interesting thing i saw were these jellyfishes:

Beautiful aren't they? It's better to see it upclose.

After visiting the Sea Life Centre, we went to the beach. Nah, no swimming. To cold anyways. We walked on the sand for a bit, and then headed towards the city centre. We caught the train back to Bradford.

My day didn't end there though. We reached back our halls aroud 6.30 p.m., rested an hour and started our night activity. Barbecue!! When we were at Scarborough those who didn't go went to buy all the food we needed for the bbq. Don't know how they managed to bring back allllll the food between them. They bought enough to feed all the 20 ppl. So we spent the night bbq-ing all the chicken wings, sausages, nuggets, fish balls, corn, potato wedges, mushrooms and of course marshmallows! Was my first time bbq-ing marshmallows. Delicious~ You bite the crispy layer around it to find the insides as smooth as cream. *melts* Should have tried this out ages ago! Yum. It was cold the whole time we were bbq-ing, but the fire kept some of us warm. Those who couldn't stand the coldness had to retire to the kitchen inside the halls and continue their eating there. Some cheaters started to grill their chickens and sausages, and even used the stove to 'bbq' their marshmallows! Was a very fun night. Laughing and eating and eating and eating! 2 barbecues in a week! *phew* Was dead tired after that. Had a quick shower and konked out on my bed soon after that.

Will be going to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith tomorrow. Heard from friends that it was nice. Off to watch more anime now. Ahhh....bliss~

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Settling in

I'm moving in!! Oh yes, moved from my friendster blog to here. Started out in friendster cause i just wanna try it out, see if blogging works for me. Well, apparently it does. But i still love reading other ppl's blog though. I still need to get familiar with blogger first. Explore a lil, how to change this and that. May take a while as i'm kinda lazy although i got a lot of time on my hands. I already took long enough to make this first post.

Just found out today that my brother has a blog. 'Teh tarik satu' it's called. What a coincidence as mine is associated with hot-chocolate. Ha. Maybe i should ask my sis to start blogging to. Call it 'baby milk' or something since she had a baby not too long ago. Here's the cute lil' tyke:

Meet Joshua. Cute eh? This one was taken when he was 3 weeks old. Me bro has more pics on his blog.

Ok, that's it for my first post here. Will blog again later. Toodles~