Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My last flight out...

.....for now! I'm flying off today! The plane's at 8:00p.m. but my journey's gonna start at 2:30p.m. Going to the bus station first, and then hop on the bus to the airport. *Phew* imagine hauling my luggage and bags. Hope my big one's not overweight.

Last night had dinner with friends. Sort of like farewell dinner. We went to a restaurant called Sr. Titus Salt something something. Can't remember. Went there before, for my friend's farewell dinner too. Food was nice. Yumm. After that went to a friend's room to watch the Initial D movie! I'm a big fan of the anime, but watching real cars drifting is much better! Wasn't paying much attention to the actors or their acting just the drifting. Honest!! But i wish there were more races, though. In fact, i rather watch a real drifting competition!

It's my last few hours here in Bradford. Gonna miss this place.....not! Well, will miss my friends though. All the dinners we cooked together, outings, jokes we laughed together...etc. *Sigh* Hope to see them again. *Hey, Bob! Get married already! And invite us all!!*

Well, all my backs are packed.....almost. I'm ready to go......very ready!! :D

Okie dokie, this is my last blog in UK. Next time i will be in Malaysia. ( dial up.... -_-''''') Will miss the broadband here. Bon voyage.

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