Monday, June 30, 2008

Residents' confrontation

Where i stay, there's construction going on at both sides of my building. One side is another condo and the other side suppose to be a commercial/shopping complex. Therefore the area is always dusty and noisy. The workers work from the morning till 11pm at night!. The noise doesn't effect me much, but it's a housing area and there's a school also. So i can guess it's very dusty and noisy for them.

I was looking out of my house the other day. Wanted to peak at the construction of the supposedly shopping complex, just to see the progress. I even took a picture.

A closer look, i saw some of the nearby residents having talks with the contractor. Hmm..wonder what they are talking about. :P

Monday, June 16, 2008

Starbucks in SS2

Yup! It's been confirmed, they're opening a branch in SS2! Since Thomas & Guys moved out, i've notice that they were doing some extensive renovations to the place. When i passed by yesterday i finally saw the Starbucks banner there. At last, i can get my fix of Hot-chocolate (still by far the best) and Java chip frappuccino in SS2 instead of going to get it in D.U. :) :) I hear someone grumbling already :P

If you didn't know already, my mouse mug is from Starbucks.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lost sheep

My sheep looking lost. I'm moving to another floor in my office so i've been cleaning up my place. Hence, my place is quite empty now.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The meaning of 'Hear Ye'

As you all can see my blog is 'Hear ye, Hear ye!'. I just found out that someone found my site by 'Googling' for the meaning of 'Hear ye'. So i've decided to write a short post on the meaning of it. My own interpretation that is.

It's usually used when there's an important announcement for all to hear and catches people's attention. I'm sure you all have seen old movies where a herald would stand in the middle of the town square with a scroll in hand and shouts 'hear ye, hear ye!'. And then would proceed making his official announcement that would originate from the castle. Another commonly used expression would be 'Hear hear'. This is often used when one wants to call to attention of what somebody just said.

Hear ye, Hear ye! I'm moving in to my own home tomorrow!