Monday, October 10, 2005

Back from the dead

Hello ppl, i'm back from er...a 1 month hiatus. *sheepish smile* Ok, ok, i was lazy to update. Happy? With the slow internet and equally slow computer, i rather sleep. I tried to update 2 weeks ago, i typed it all out, ready to post, and then my internet failed on me. So, yeah.

Been bumming around Kl a lot! Have been to all the shopping malls around here and i still need to shop! Okla, in between i went for interviews. And got a job. Yep. Really. Been working for 1 week already. Honest. Looking for a room/apartment now. So anyone who has any good contacts, do let me know.

So far working life has been...making me sleepy. I feel sleepy in the m morning (with or without coffee also same effect), sleepy after lunch (i get hyped for lunch hour), sleepy after work (even through dinner)....and the cycle goes on. It's been a hopefully things perk up soon.

Watched 'Flight Plan' last week. Was nice, much better than 'Red Eye'. It has it's twists here and there. But couldn't work out which one was Sean Bean. Until the end when we saw the credits. Heard he was good in 'The Island'. Hmm...must get my hands on the dvd.

So far, i've been watching a lot of 'Family Guy', 'American Dad' and 'Joey'. All as funny, but i prefer 'Family Guy'. 'American Dad' is by the same producers...but still not as good. Oh, and i got a new book to read. John Grisham's 'The Broker'. Seems like i'll be keeping myself busy. Ok, i'll try and update more often. If i have anything to post that is. No promises. Not like there're ppl reading my blog.