Thursday, December 01, 2011

J Tean Kitchen

Another celebration of my bf's birthday was over lunch at J Tean Kitchen at SS Two Mall. I've heard of their Bak Kut Teh flavoured burger, and of course we were interested to find out how it would taste like. We all ordered a few different things and tried each others food. (Just realised i forgot to take a picture of the pumpkin soup! Or maybe it's in another camera. Will investigate further).

The deco is quite nice, all white with a Chinese-y feel to it. But I found the table and chairs we sat in quite uncomfortable.

Cool lamps!

The other part of the restaurant

Of course we ordered their BKT J-Pork Burger. It had a light BKT taste to it, and there was another sauce in it that we tasted in the J-Porky Bun as well. This burger was ok. Doesn't have a strong BKT taste.

I call it the BKT burger
The Bf loves his BKT, so he ordered their BKT for 1 person. The soup was acceptable, as we like the darker version. Served with rice and garlic + cili padi. We only like certain BKT restaurants, so it's hard to satisfy our tastes.

BKT for 1 person

Some spaghetti, didn't try it

J-Porky Bun. Tastes alright
We ordered the pork knuckle to share. Couldn't get a picture of the before, as the waiters straightaway cut it up for us. I didn't quite like it as it was kinda dry and not that tasty.

J Knuckle
Overall the food is okay. Won't be going there much, as SS Two Mall kinda lacks in tenants.