Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've signed up for PayPerPost!

I joined the blogging bandwagon in 2005, but have been reading blogs way before that. After a while i saw the trend of how bloggers could get paid by blogging and making it a profession. Soon i learned about PayPerPost. A friend of mine told me you can earned quite a lot through it, so i thought, why not give it a try? It would sure help me financially especially now that i've got a place of my own and i can start saving for a car next, and don't get me started on all the weddings i'm attending this year (not mine!).

Joining PayPerPost (PPP) is very easy! You just need to sign up for an account, get your blog approved and then you're on your road to get paid for blogging! You will be paid through PayPal, so for those who don't have a PayPal account, you just need to sign up for one.

My blog has now been approved and this is my first assignment which i will be paid $20 for it! There are a whole list of opportunities to choose from and you just have to blog, get it approved and ta da! you will be paid. You can easily make $500 or more through PPP. PPP combines both blogging and business therefore we can view it as blog marketing.

So now i'm encouraging all bloggers out there reading this to join PPP if you still haven't. It's not hard and definitely not a scam. It's just simply paying you to blog. How hard can that be?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Polls, polls, polls

Nope, not referring to an election. Nuffnang recently implemented a new application for polls. I've made my own poll to get to know my readers (if i do have any? please spread the word!). So, everyone, please do take the poll which is on the right sidebar of my blog. Thanks!

Friday, April 25, 2008

IT Architect Regional Conference 2008

On the 22nd & 23rd April, i went for this event organized by IASA. This 2-day event was held at The Legend Hotel, KL. The big names (read:Sponsors) were Microsoft, SAP and Oracle.

"The IT Architect Regional Conference is the largest event in Malaysia to address the pressing needs of IT architects today."

Yasmin Mahmood, Managing Director of Microsoft, Malaysia

Anne Abraham, Country Manager of SAP Malaysia

K Raman, Managing Director of Oracle Malaysia

Our Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), YB Datuk Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili came to officiate the opening of this conference.

The minister giving his speech

Group photo

Just a token..

The minister with Aaron Tan Dani (Chairman, IASA APAC) and Paul Preiss (President, IASA Global)

The event was a whole day thing, and in the afternoon they had 4 different tracks which are Enterprise, Infrastructure, Software and Fundamentals, for people to participate. Each track had different speakers each on different topics.


Day 2 was no different from day one, they had some VIPs from Asia (presenting the government view of ICT and Architecture) in the morning and the same 4 tracks in the afternoon.

Chau Chee Chiang, CIO, Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Singapore

Dr. Rom Hiranpruk, Director, The Office of Management and Development (OKMD), Thailand - funny dude who makes jokes with a straight face

Dr. Ir. Eko Indrajit, IT Expert and Director STMIK Perbanas, Personal Advisor of Minister of Communication & Information Technology, Indonesia

Dr. Raslan Ahmad, Special Adviser to the Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, Malaysia

Present was also Alecia Heng, President of Gorgeous Geeks.

"An interest group, formed by women currently and previously from the IT industry, who would like to provide mentorship or support for woman in IT industry as well as to inspire other women to join the industry."

You don't have to be drop dead gorgeous, anyone (read: women) who are single or married can join them.
Alecia Heng, President of Gorgeous Geeks Malaysia

It was quite an educational event, though quite tiring to travel there and back.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Night out with friends

Few nights back, I had a dinner with a bunch of friends at TGI Fridays at the Curve. (Ok, writer's block...i don't know what else to say about TGIF, it's not like their food is a MUST try....and it's common, some people go there all the time and the menu is nothing new)

Anyways, here are some pics i managed to capture:

Liquid works: Tropical Oasis + Long Island Tea + Mushroom soup (liquid what..)

NY Steak with wild mushroom sauce. Delish!

Chicken and shrimp diablo spaghetti

Jack Daniel Salmon (the owner was cutting halfway when interrupted for photo op)

Saw this restaurant, got to try this one day. I really like my seafood.

Remember Forest Gump and his friend Bubba?

After dinner, we went to chill and have wine at a place upstairs. I forgot the name, but it's quite small. The seating is unique but limited, you have to go up a few steps to the seats but be careful not to fall off your seats!

The entrance

Going up to the seats

View from the top

Wine, wine, wine!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Parents can be cool sometimes

Was talking to my mum last night and i told her that i've bought a new tv. Guess what was her first question? No, not about the price. She asked if it is HD (high definition) ready!! Gosh, i would have never thought she would ask that. Shows that she's quite up-to-date. And i get my American Idol updates from her. :D

I know of another parent who knows his MTV! He can give comments on new artists, or engage you in a conversation about a certain music video.

*Mind you, all the parents mentioned here are about 60 years old.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oooh, pretty lights

As some of you know, i'm currently doing renovation to my house (for those who didn't know, 'Hey, i'm renovating my house'). The process is quite exciting as you get to see the place slowly changing to an actual home.

A few weeks back, we had the electrician come and fix more lighting points, power points and install our fans and lights. We got our fans quite sometime ago so we just had to get the lights now. Since we weren't doing plaster ceiling, it was quite tough scouting for nice lights.

In the end we decided on Ikea lights, cause we didn't fancy the ones we saw in other shops. So here are some of the lights we got:
At the kitchen

Suppose to use yellow reflector lights, but we wanted white lights

The cheapest lights of the lot (RM9.90 only!!). Used in the bathrooms, balcony, yard & foyer

The most expensive! Me likey..

In the corner of the room

Next we need to get some standing lights, most probably going to get from Ikea again. I applied for my Ikea friends credit card this year, and it has collected a lot of points so far. Another good thing is that for purchases above RM500 i can pay by installment.

*Note: I'm not advertising for Ikea

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jeff Dunham

Check out Achmed the dead terrorist. Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is really good and funny. Watch his other performances as well.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Petaling Jaya: An accident of an unfortunate nature occurred here on Saturday. It appears that a 1 year-old boy lost control of his vehicle, crashed and toppled over crushing an innocent passerby. The boy came out of the accident unharmed, but the same cannot be said for the victim of this terrible accident.

The boy, who refused to be named (he actually stared blankly at me when I asked for his name and then crawled away), had just gotten his new ride not too long ago and was just learning how to maneuver it.

It is known that the victim has been a long time resident of this area and often played (be flung around/bitten/subjected to lots of saliva) with the boy. The victim is believed to have survived after the accident.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Crazy for Yakitori!

Okla, i'm not that crazy for yakitori. I just love Jap food a lot. Not too long ago, i went for a all-you-can-eat yakitori dinner at Sango Japanese Restaurant (Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ). Bear in mind, i'm not a fan of Japanese buffet dinner...quality over quantity ma. But it's yakitori only, can't go wrong with that!

Sango was having a promotion till 15th April, but changed to 1st April. (Sorry, should have blogged about this earlier, but i was very busy with work). RM38++ per person with a free beer or juice. There were over 20 choices on the menu and you could order as much as you want. Each stick was quite small, but delicious nonetheless.

The menu

The food

More food

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4 Adults + 1 Inflatable Toy = ?

Last weekend, i attended a 1 year old's birthday party. The food was good, the children had fun and the adults gathered to chat.

4 of us found ourselves sitting in the kitchen around a table. We were just talking and making fun of an inflatable toy which was on the table. Somehow the toy reminded us of the horror movie 'It' (from a Stephen King book) so we were pretending it was a possessed toy, spooking each other out with this killer toy.

The poor toy had a small hole in the eye, so in order to cover the hole we decided to give it an eye patch. One thing led to another and the toy ended up like this:

At this point we named it Antonio (Banderas) or Andy for short, we were making up silly stories and placing Andy in different situations. Mind you, we weren't drinking.

Andy having some fruits on a high chair

Can't really fit in it

Having fun with drums