Monday, April 21, 2008

Parents can be cool sometimes

Was talking to my mum last night and i told her that i've bought a new tv. Guess what was her first question? No, not about the price. She asked if it is HD (high definition) ready!! Gosh, i would have never thought she would ask that. Shows that she's quite up-to-date. And i get my American Idol updates from her. :D

I know of another parent who knows his MTV! He can give comments on new artists, or engage you in a conversation about a certain music video.

*Mind you, all the parents mentioned here are about 60 years old.


Falcon said...

that fall under my definition of COOL!!

Wendism said...

hehe.. always knew your mum's that cool! :) my dad was also teaching me bout HD just 2 weeks ago but this is ur mum! I dun think my mum even knows wat's HD. HAHA