Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A very Abby family!

First off, sorry for not updating for so long. Have been quite busy with work that i've missed out on a few posts. But first things first! Remember my Abyssinian guinea pigs? Here's a picture to remind you guys.

Well, we have had them for 5 months now. When we bought them from the shop we were told they were about 2 months old, which makes them 7 months now. And the shop didn't know their gender then. So we put them in the same cage. After 5 months with no babies, we thought that it was safe. My, were we in for a surprise!

Imagine, every morning you look into the cage and greet the 2 guinea pigs. Imagine one day you look into the cage and find a little bugger staring at you!

Make it 2 little buggers!

Imagine the surprise we got! But they were soooooo cute and their coats so smooth. One good thing about baby guinea pigs is that they are born with fur and are miniatures of their parents. They can be handled immediately without fear of their parents rejecting them later.

So now we have 4 pigs in a cage.

The happy Abby family

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sukico Hainan Cafe

As always, we were wondering where to have dinner and suddenly we remembered this place called Sukico Hainan Cafe which was recommended by a friend recently. It's located in Damansara Uptown, next to Public Bank. It's part cafe and part a bakery shop, so don't be confused when you see it.

When we stepped in, we were greeted by a friendly lady (we found out her name was Aunty Lily) who took our orders and also explained to me the types of flour that the shop sells. She recommended me some bags of pre-mixed muffin flour, so i bought a packet of chocolate chip flour (they have other flavours as well) and she even taught me how to prepare it.

There are a few tables in the middle of the shop/cafe, so while sitting down for dinner, you can look around at the baking ingredients lined up on the shelves. While waiting for the food to be served, the Aunty proudly told us that Lim Kit Siang has visited the cafe several times and has blogged about the place before as well.

Grilled Hainan chicken chop with cheese on top

Chicken cordon bleu

We ordered the Grilled Hainan Chicken Chop and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Both dishes were tasty and i preferred the cordon bleu. It was a little tough, but delicious. I'm wondering how they stuffed the ham and cheese so nicely and neatly in the chicken compared to my own attempt.

Overall the dinner was nice but too bad we didn't get to try the other dishes there. I would go back to buy baking ingredients when i need in the near future. For now i have my pre-mixed muffin flour to try out first! Wonder how it would turn out?