Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mille Crepe

Another overdue post. Had dinner at Food Foundry (Section 17). Famous for it's Mille Crepe which is a kind of a multi-layered cake, but do not try the food there as it's 'not that nice' (would be rude to say it sucks...although it really does).

The chocolate Mille crepe is really good, same can be said for the vanilla one but the orange-chocolate one is debatable. The Bread & Butter pudding is rather nice as well.

Crepe and Bread & Butter pudding

Can you count the layers?

In another unrelated story, someone got me this from Europe:

Swiss Army......?


A Saturday night out in KL

A month back i went for a meal at the famous Coliseum Cafe & Hotel (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL). Many of you may have heard of this place as it's a famous and old hotel and restaurant, which has appeared on newspapers and tv a few times already.

The design and decorations there are old and you will not find any young waiters and waitresses there, as they are all old timers.

We ordered the oxtail soup, garlic bread and sizzling steaks. Upon ordering their sizzling steaks, you will find the old waiter (read: 80 over year-old dude) coming closer to tie a bib around your neck!

Salad with dressing

Oxtail Soup

Famous garlic bread

Rib eye steak

T-bone steak

The food was good and worth a visit. After the meal, we went to check out Pavilion as we have yet to visit the place. At first we got into a traffic jam heading to the place, but we found another way in (Jalan Raja Chulan) which was much more accessible.

The place is rather pricey, with all the expensive brands there. Wanted to get some J.Co donuts, but the place was jam packed and so i decided not to wait :( I heard the newly opened one at Sunway Pyramid is as packed.

Oh well, got to be satisfied with Big Apple donuts for now. Their limited edition Alien vs Predator donuts are delicious!

Up on the Eye

At last, on the 2nd last day before they shut (?) the Eye, i managed to try it out! The Eye on Malaysia has been opened since January this year (for the Visit Malaysia year) and would be closed down after the 31st of December.

Situated at Lake Titiwangsa, it took us about 3o minutes drive. We had already anticipated that it would be crowded, so we reached the place about 10am. (opening time) The queue was starting to form and although we were early, we had to wait 30 minutes for our turn to go up. The gondolas were air conditioned so people could enjoy the ride even on a hot day. They had VIP gondolas as well for a higher fee.

The wheel went round 3 times and then it was time to get off! Was a good experience going on the Eye.

The crowd after we got off the eye!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner. Done your shopping yet? Well, mine is done at last. I've taken my work leaves, so i'm ready to go home for Christmas.

I've never done a wish list before. So i'm trying to compose one for this year. Well, here goes:

  1. Starbucks vouchers
  2. How Starbucks Saved My Life: Michael Gates Gill (book)
  3. A puppy. Can't keep one, but while i'm still dreaming, i want a Husky pup. Can't get a Husky, then a Maltese will do. Shucks, i'll settle for a guinea pig and teach it how to sit, roll over and play dead.
  4. Whole set of Jodi Picoult/John Grisham/Tom Clancy/Neil Gaiman/Danielle Steel books.
  5. A new set of facial/skin products.
  6. New working attire (clothes, shoes, bags..etc)
  7. Manicure. Never had one, want to try one.
  8. Money!
That's all i can think of now. Achievable?

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Daemon

The most talked about movie now is the Golden Compass. It started showing in cinemas yesterday (i'm going to watch it tomorrow! yay!). Go to the site and find out what is your Daemon!

Meet Archeleron, my Daemon

Modest, proud, relaxed, outgoing and spontaneous

Anyone can assess my Daemon here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sydney Day 7

It's our last day in Sydney. We're all flying back early the next day. It's our final chance to shop!!

Since it was a Thursday, we headed to Paddy's market (opens on Thursdays to Sunday). There were sooo many stalls (think Chatuchak Bangkok). Sorry didn't take any photos. Was busy shopping!

Spent the entire morning there, and then after a quick lunch we headed off to meet Su, Trevor and Claire. They brought us to the Koala Park! We were in time for the feeding time, that's when they allow visitors to pet the koala.

Strong and sturdy trees

They sleep 18 hours a day! Wake up only for meals

You can touch her just as long as she's busy eating

Me and the koala

There's more than just koalas there!

Over eager bird

It actually kept repeating 'Polly wants a cracker'

Feeding time


Unidentified sitting object



We got to feed the kangaroos as well!

After the afternoon at the Koala Park, we headed to Su's place for dinner with the whole family. That night, we had a few hours of sleep before we had to depart to the airport.

I couldn't sleep the whole flight back. So i watched a few movies (Fantastic 4 - 1 & 2 and Shrek 2). Arrived back at Singapore exhausted and took a cab back to Muar the night itself. Was an enjoyable trip to Sydney and i sure do hope to go there again!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sydney Day 6

Another bright and sunny day to spend outdoors! We all headed back to the city to catch the ferry to Manly. If my memory serves me correctly, it took about 20 minutes to reach Manly. We enjoyed the sights along the way.

Can you see the people up there? Next time...

It was a perfect day for a swim, so many people were at the beach! Too bad we didn't have time (and proper beach wear), or else it would have been lovely to go for a deep.

We leisurely strolled by the beach and then around the shops. We then stopped for a spot of lunch and then we took the ferry back to the city.

My favourite pic

My parents went back to Wahroonga while us young ones headed to Bondi Beach!

We headed back to the city for dinner and then back to the inn for a much needed rest.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sydney Day 5

Time to do more touristy things! Day 5 began with a city tour. At first we wanted to join one of those tour buses which stops at several popular places. But we then decided it was easier to find out own way since everywhere is within walking distance. So, armed with a map, we were ready to conquer the city!!

We came across the Special Olympic torch run at the city hall and then we walked across to the Queen Victoria Building. Pricey place.

My brother the Chinese tourist (got the flags from the Special Olympic torch run)

City Hall

The Special Olympic torch run


After the quick tour inside the QVB, we made our way to the Sydney Fish market!! It's soooo clean inside. All markets should be like this! We had a good lunch at the fish market.


We walked around the market for a bit. Saw a lot of fresh seafood!

We then moved on to China Town. We passed by Ian Thorpe's Aquatic Centre on the way there.

Blending right in

Damn big!

After that we went to walk (yup, more walkies) at Hyde Park.

Captain Cook!

We saw St. Mary's across the street. Looks like the World Youth Day's gonna be next year.

Was already late by that time, after a whole day of walking around the city we headed back to Wahroonga after dinner.