Friday, October 27, 2006

The Phone and I

I recently got a new phone for myself, bout 3 weeks ago. This is the 3rd phone i've ever had. I started using a handphone after my form 5, just before i went into college. Got the Nokia 8250 sponsored by my brother. :D Was a damn fine phone. It survived my college days (plagued with a lot of accidental drops) .

I passed on my Nokia phone to my dad before i went overseas. In UK, i got myself a Motorola V220. It was nice to have a camera phone, but it didn't last. Even before a year, the phone started having problems. First it started by continuous ringing (i assign ringtones for my sms) even after i've open and read the sms. Once it happened, i had to take out the battery only it stopped ringing! (Even off-ing the phone didn't work). Then the camera ceased functioning. At first it would be alright if i switch off and on my phone. After a while it just won't function at all. The memory of the phone is kinda small as well, about 800kb only. So if you want to copy mp3 in, you've got to cut the song up into a smaller size. Copying things in and out of the phone is also another problem. The phone didn't come with the software.

From the beginning of this year, i've been toying with the thought to buy a new phone. I've had my eyes on the Sony Ericsson k750i for ages already. But only about a month or two ago, i started diligently comparing phones, reading about phone reviews and comparing prices. I settled on the w800i but found out there's a newer phone, the Sony Ericsson w700i which is exactly the same (but comes with a smaller Memory stick). My Motorola phone couldn't fetch a decent price if i wanted to trade in, but so happens that my sis was in need of a phone. Her old phone had a crack on the screen, the inner one. (I suspected it was the work of the little imp named Josh).

So now i've got my w700i and it was money well spent. With the walkman function and 2.0 megapixels camera, i can't ask for more (for a phone). The walkman function is best used with the earphones. Really brings you to another world and wipes out all the other noises. This phone has gotten a lot of good reviews, so i hope it can last for the next few years.

Nope, i won't be peeling the plastic off the screen until i get a proper screen protector.