Monday, February 22, 2010

Penang getaway

Last month, me and the bf had a short trip to Penang. It was probably my 4th time there ever! To enjoy the best of Penang, we (as in 'he') drove all the way up north. Armed with a full tank, topped-up touch 'n go card and gps, it took us about 4 hours to reach Penang.

We did stop by Ipoh for a quick lunch. We had dry curry mee and Ipoh coffee at Uncle Wong's kopitiam. The shop is quite well known for tasty dry curry mee. And you can never go wrong with coffee in Ipoh.

Tasted refreshing!

Yummy dry curry noodles

It was quite a breeze going over the Penang bridge and to the hotel, as it was right smack next to Komtar.

Penang Bridge

After checking in and a quick rest, we wanted to go out for dinner. We figured we would drive around and just go to any place we chance upon. We turned into a lane and we hit the motherload! It happened to be Lorong Selamat, and the famous char kuey teow could be found here. Lady luck was with us, as we reach the place 5 minutes before closing time. We were the last people to be served.

Kafe Heng Huat at Lorong Selamat

Time to call it a day at 6.30pm

After this, any other Char Kuey Teow will never taste the same again

After a very satisfying meal, we found our way to Gurney Drive. We walked around Gurney Plaza and checked out G Hotel next door. We were recommended to try out this stall at Gurney that had some tasty fried chicken skin. Yes, I did say fried chicken skin.

Lotsa skin

Later that night (yes, even later that day), we were feeling quite adventurous, so we drove around town looking for Slippery Senoritas. And yes, we did find it!
Few bars outside

Slippery Senoritas

Live band inside!

The next day, I hung around Queensbay Mall in the morning while waiting for the bf to finish some work. For lunch, we went to the nearby Super Tanker hawker centre.

Loh mee was so-so

Passed by Penang Twin Towers?

We went back to rest after that. That evening, we walked to Lorong Baru a.k.a New Lane to have dinner. The famous fried pork intestine porridge was there, and you can see all the intestines hanging at the stall. Hard to miss!

Very tasty porridge!

Oyster omelette

Char kuey kark

It was back to KL the next day. I sure do miss the char kuey teow in Penang. Hopefully there'll be another trip there again with friends!