Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harry Potter Dan Gelas Berapi

Right.....somehow i got the word 'gunung berapi' in my head. Goblet = Gelas??? Doesn't sound dignified any more.

So yeah, i went to watch Harry Potter recently. Well, it was full of action but......somehow the story line was lil' distorted. There wasn't a clear story line at all. People who never read any of the books would be totally lost. So that was the disappointing part to me. I had very high hopes for this movie but i only feel 50% satisfied.

To me Dum-bly-dore was a lil' aggressive, especially the part when he asked Harry if he put his name into the Gelas Berapi. In the book he was potrayed as calm, never afraid, more levelheaded kinda guy but in the movie he was, well.....opposite. Richard Harris (RIP) did a better job.

And what happened to Ludo Bagman?? Percy?? Mrs. Weasley?? And and.......etc.

Oh and where's that 'Wronski Fient' stunt?? And the Quidditch World Cup was fast-forwarded i felt like it was censored....u know like on tv, when there's a kissing scene, the guy and girl lean forward to each other and then before u know it they are parting already. I know i can't expect the movie to be exactly like the book, but i feel some parts shouldn't have been taken out.

Ok, ok....enough bashing let's move on to what was good in the movie. Hmmmm.... the Triwizard Tournament was good, only the third task was missing all the creatures. The Quidditch World Cup part had potential to be good, but then it was brutally cut off so.......

Anyways, there are other movies coming out, like Narnia. Read the book when i was younger hopefully the movie is as good. Reckon King Kong will be worth watching? Directed by Peter Jackson (of the LOTR fame), so it should be ok. Any other nice movies coming out?

Friday, November 25, 2005

All about FOOD!

What a week (make it 'weeks') it has been. Was busy with work last week, had a deadline to meet, so I had to work through the weekend. And there’s no replacement for missing the weekend or any OT. Was suppose to go Kelantan last Monday, but someone else went in my place instead, but I may have to go in a few weeks time.

Oh ya, I’ve got a meme to do….it has taken me sometime to think of what food I like. I mean, there’s lots of food that I like, but what I like most got me thinking. Man, if anyone asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch/dinner I would be in a dilemma cause sometimes there’s lots of things I wanna eat. Ok, so let’s get on with this meme..

1. Curry Tuesdays

When I was in primary school, there was one phase when me mom cooked curry chicken and fried noodles on Tuesdays. I remember eating it for lunch and I would sometimes bring it to school for recess (afternoon session that time). I really liked the curry on my noodles, great combo. I forgot when my mom stopped cooking curry on Tuesdays. Hmmm..

2. Junk Food Fest

Of course when I was younger, eating junk food was not encouraged. Junk food to me included all those cheap 20 cents per packet of twisties, super ring and so on, those 5 cents a piece chewing gum (those in green and white packaging), ice-cream and so on. At school, we aren’t allowed to buy any junk food from those vendors who stop outside out school when school’s out. So what I would do is whenever I go for piano lessons (only a few houses away from mine), I would go to the shop near there after my lessons to get my supply of junk food with the allowance I got. Muahahha....

3. Meat floss

Another food I liked and still like is meat floss! Yum. It’s nice to eat alone or together with bread. When I was young my dad used to buy meat floss for me once in a while. Or whenever I’m sick and I have to go see the doctor, my parents would get me something after that, sometimes meat floss. Ho ho ho….Bribery, i know.

4. Char Kuey Tiow

When I was younger there was this char kuey tiow seller who would come around my housing area on his mobile stall to sell ckt. He would honk his horn to let people know he’s coming and whoever wanted to buy would call (more of like yell or shout) him from their houses. He would then stop and start frying the orders. Buyers would slowly turn up and make their orders and wait for him to prepare. I would always bring my own plate and an egg out (accompanied by one of my parents or siblings) and make my order (no 'see ham' please!) then stand around the guy till he finished cooking my order. I can’t remember if the ckt was nice or not but it must have been cause I remember eating it a lot!

5. Canteen Food

My school canteen sold a variety of food. Sausages, burgers, noodles, chicken rice, tomyam, soto, chips, keropok, meesiput (how to spell that?), keropok lekor, guava, drinks and so on. So everyday, I would look forward to recess when I can buy my choice of food for that day. Sometimes me and my friends would buy different kinds of food and then share it among ourselves. Some feast eh. And on Canteen Day or during ‘Pasar Ria’ my school organized, the students would be the one selling food instead. We would have to buy using coupons printed specially for that day itself. Me and my friends would walk around choosing what to purchase or we would be busy selling food. It was great fun!

Ok, I pass this meme on to…..em….whoever reads my blog. Seriously, I don’t update often, and I dunno who reads my blog. So let me know if you’ve done this meme.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Selamat DeepaRaya!

Make that belated. Alright, i'll try and stop my habit of blogging only once a month.....and making up excuses for not blogging!

Am back home for the hols now. But i can't enjoy it, been hit with a nasty case of food poisoning. So yeah, i've not been eating well and can't enjoy any of my favourite dishes so far and it's already Friday!! Have to get my ass back in KL on Sunday. (did i mention i've been working for a month now? will get to that laters) The thing is, i've been thinking a lot about rendang, curry, all those yummy foods. But the longer i think of it, i would feel nauseous. Damn. But at least i got rid of my fever and now i'm on my road to recovery by eating tasteless food.

About my work....well, i'm not saying my company's name here. It's just a small company run by 4 not-so-friendly bosses. Yeah, not even a 'hello' or 'good morning' or even a smile when they see us employees. Heck, the guy who interviewed me didn't shake my hand! I'm just there for the money, not that it's much anyways. I'll start job-hunting again, as soon as i finish up my project.

Oh and i've been tagged with a food meme (ages ago). Hmmm...will get to that the next time i blog. Can't think of food now. *sniff*