Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'll be home for Christmas...

Back from Kelantan at last after 9 (tiring) days working there. Flew back from Kota Bahru on Tuesday night and reached back home around 12 plus. Had to work the next day too, so you can imagine me, tired, lack of sleep, working in the office. I was yawning away every few minutes. The only time i didn't feel sleepy was during lunch! Ha, what to do...the remaining time i'd be facing the computer only. Took leave for today, cause i had some 'matters' to settle. Ahem. *Grin*

KB any other small town. Was raining everyday there except on the day i was flying back. I didn't get to visit any of the places there (unless you consider KB Mall as an attraction). Spent most of my time working at the places i'm suppose to work at and the hotel (where i continued working till very late). Yeah, so...there isn't much that i can talk about KB. Oh, food there is quite cheap, that's all i can say. But a word of advice, choose your hotel properly.

I'll be going back home on Saturday for Christmas. I've already missed out a few Christmases at home already. Did anyone put the tree up yet? I'm hoping to get an early Chirstmas present. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope to get the call soon!!

King Kong anyone?

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Am proud to say that i was one of the first people who went to watch Narnia, of course that meant going at 11.45 p.m on the 7th.

The movie was good, simple and thorough. Follows the book closely. Was funny at some parts, easy to understand, but of course that's easy as the book isn't that thick. I 've got the book at home, but now trying to read the other 6 books as well. *Ben, you thinking of buying the whole set?* *blink, blink* :D

I'll be going to Kelantan on Monday, will be there for about 10 days. Got a project there. Hope it doesn't flood at the place where i'll be. Don't want to delay this project anymore. Had enough of it!! (But if it does flood, i hope this project will be brought forward to next year so i got time to plan my escape!!)

So it's adios for now. I'll be back!