Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We have a habit of having the curtains drawn apart every night when we go to sleep, as we're privileged to fall asleep looking at KLCC from afar. Hehe...don't get jealous, my place has the 'KL view'.

Most of the time i wake up with the sun shining in my face (on weekends, the curtains are closed tightly as i like to sleep in), but last night while lying on my bed there was a blinding light shining at me. I looked out into the sky, and there it was. The moon (almost full), shining very brightly.

It was so dazzling that i felt like i was moon-bathing instead of sun-bathing. I couldn't resist taking a photo using my phone, but i wished i had a better camera to capture such beauty.

From my window


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sai Kee '434' coffee

Whenever you think of local coffee, most of us would think about 'Kopi 434'. As it originates from Muar, I managed to visit the Sai Kee coffee shop when i was back home for my Christmas hols. It's located opposite the Muar bus station, not all that hard to find. Parking will be quite a challenge, but there's a car park just opposite the shop, before the bus station.

Sugar anyone?

My brother's coffee made from elephant beans

Mine. Suppose to be a specialty, doesn't taste so special to me


Unlike many other cafes around Muar that have mushroomed up all of a sudden, the interior was quite different. The place was divided into 2 sections. 1 section is for the customers to sit and the other was a mini shop to sell their coffee.

Even Mona Lisa wanted a pack of coffee

Shelves full of coffee

Different kinds of teapot sets and coffee grinders

For display

Overall the place was not too bad. Won't mind going back there for more coffee.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bringing a Gundam to life 4

Hey peeps! Sorry for not blogging earlier, got a little busy at work after my long Christmas + New Year hols.

We received a Gundam for Christmas, this time a Legend Gundam!

Legend Gundam

The full set.....Joker sold separately


Trying out for size

How much for the head?

No hard feelings? Give me a hug!

Hmm..something's not right here

There, much better...

This is how i cut my nails, cut my nails, cut my nails...

The back gear do i use this?

It's a little heavier than i thought

All done


A group picture

This time around, fixing the Gundam was a little different from the previous ones. All the same, it was fun! Which model should we get next?