Thursday, April 26, 2007


At last, i had the opportunity to try out Shogun last Friday. The restaurant opens at 6.30pm, so lots of people were milling around outside before that. I was really looking forward to eating lots of idako (baby octopus) and soft shell crab (it's a Japanese buffet by the way). There were lots of food and drinks available. We were given complimentary oysters. I barely touched it, only ate the cheese which covered it. The oyster didn't look appetizing and kinda raw.

Oysters and a Japanese snail next to it

See the soft shell crab? Yum...

My idako sushi, there weren't many available


The food was so-so only. The teppanyaki was nice but kinda salty. Come to think of it, a lot of the food were salty or sweet. I think they are making it like that so people won't eat so much. (You know you get kinda 'muak' if you eat too much salty or sweet stuff). Had to keep drinking their green tea to wash the taste down.

The worst thing that can happen after you've eaten is seeing this right next to you:

It's a cockroach if you can't tell

My visit to Shogun has been very disappointing, food-wise and cleanliness-wise. Don't think i would eat here ever again. Give me Rakuzen @ Plaza Damas anytime!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Breakfast @ One Noodle SS2

Was in a peaceful slumber on a cloudy Sunday morning......and then my handphone rang. It was Huai Lin, calling at 8.15am. We arranged the day before to go to the Curve (that's what we agreed at first). She did warn me that she wakes up early, but i didn't know it was that early. Hehe... She said she was hungry, so we decided to have dim sum for breakfast.

She picked me up half an hour later and we headed off to breakfast. It started raining very heavy just as i got into her car. Initially, i decided to take her to Damansara Uptown for dim sum, but since it was pouring like crazy we couldn't go to that particular place (open air seats). So got to look for a sheltered place to eat. Headed to SS2, and then decided upon the One Noodle Restaurant.

It was my first time going there for breakfast. My first 2 times there didn't leave a good impression on me. My first visit there was for lunch, while the food was ok, there were flies flying around our food! Imagine, an air-conditioned place of that standard had flies! Even other restaurants similar to this didn't have that kinda problem. The second time, was for dinner, let's just say, the price we had to pay wasn't to our satisfaction. Was quite overpriced. They served (we didn't order it) a small saucer containing 'idako' (baby favourite!!) and charged RM3 for it. And poor customers (like us) would think that it was free.

Luckily this time around, the visit there was ok. We ordered some dim sums, porridge, egg tart, chinese pancake and drinks.

Huai Lin with her 'Ying Yong'. She gave specific positions to take her photo

My coffee

Egg tart. I had better ones before.

And then there was one.....

Huai Lin with her porridge

I forgot to take a picture of the last dish we had, which is the chinese pancake. I didn't quite like it, maybe be cause i was too full to eat anymore. The meal totaled up to RM40.

After breakfast (it was still raining), we went to Atria. She wanted to get some games, but the shop was closed. We went to the Charity Sale (they have it every weekend) next to Giant. I saw a t-shirt that i just MUST buy. It was a St. Patrick's Day/Guinness shirt, selling for RM5.

We then went to her house nearby, where i taught her how to download some movies and songs she wanted. I went back home after that. So yeah, that was how i spent my Sunday morning.