Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Surviving CNY shopping!

Tip number 1: Don't give up! You will get there (through the massive jam) and you will find a parking space..........eventually.
Tip number 2: If you take public transport, suck your stomach in and squeeze into the bus/train.
Tip number 3: Don't get suckered into buying everything that has a 70% or 50% discount tag over it. The price has usually been marked-up.

I went to my company's kick-off dinner last saturday. The theme was retro.....so yeah, you could see loads of people in all kinds of outfits. Quite a number of them rented their costumes. I reckon some were wearing their old clothes. Heh. Most of the managers and directors were sporting enough to dress up as well, and also performed during the dinner! Some employees did a great dance performance which included a medley of songs. Really got everyone into the 'retro' mood. The rookies also performed a few songs. I wasn't included as i'm toooooo new. So i'll be performing at the next kick-off dinner in the middle of the year. I didn't stay long enough to see who was crown retro king and queen though.

On sunday, i went to do my CNY shopping in Midvalley. I went there fairly early, but by noon the crowd grew bigger and bigger! Tried on lots of clothes but bought little. Went back by KTM/LRT and was sardined. I don't want to talk about it....and i sure don't want to relive it! Crazy CNY shoppers! For my case, i can't help it. Wasn't free to go before this. :p

Went to 1Utama just now, and surprisingly, it wasn't that jam and it was easy to find a parking space! Bought a few more items and came home satisfied.

Been having the flu the whole day. Will go sleep now. Nites! Happy CNY!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New year, new changes?

CNY is coming! Woohoo! But i haven't bought any new year clothes yet. Drats! How many more shopping days to go?? Shopping, anyone?

Let's see, what changes there weresince i last updated, hmmm.....I went to Kelantan again and when i got back, i resigned! Yup, got the job i wanted at last. :D But will miss my old colleagues though. They are a nice bunch to hang out with. I'm at work now actually. Quite free today, but i'm told i will be swamped with work starting next month. I don't want to think about it yet. Went around every floor to be introduced to....everyone. I'll have to work together with them, so i got to know who i'm working with. Will be attending the company kick-off dinner this saturday. Now i need to find something to wear. Aiks!

Went for a medical check-up, required by my company. All seems well. And went to get my photo taken. I look quite tan in the photo. Hmmm...

I've yet to finish 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy reading it so much that i don't want to finish it, so i guess i'm just trying to stall time. But i'll finish it before i see the movie. Talking about movies, i haven't watched 'King Kong' yet! Got some mixed reviews about that big ape. Some said were nice, others said it wasn't. What say you?

2 more weeks to CNY. I'm hoping to meet old friends and do some catching up. And of course ang pow collection which i missed last year. And food!! Yum!

Ok, i guess my blog has gotten quite boring, even to myself. I'm like reporting what i did......which is not interesting at all. Hopefully i'll get to blog about something else soon. Ideas anyone?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!!

So how you guys spent your new years? For me, the evening started off with a massive jam near Ikano/The Curve. After about an hour stuck in traffic, me and my friend reached The Curve and headed to Sakae Sushi (the one where you can order food from the monitors). We managed to get a table quite fast, though after a while the line started to get longer. Been craving for sushi/jap food this pass few weeks although i haven't been the biggest fan since......forever. From outside, you would think the food there would be expensive, but turns out, it's not that expensive. And it's nice to boot!

After dinner, we headed to Ikea for a spot of shopping. We contemplated to stay for the Ikano New Year celebrations, but then decided not to. Went home, watched a movie, then went to sleep. Man, i'm getting old...

As for New Years resolutions.....hmmm...i haven't like really sat down and write it all down. But i have some i want to achieve. Like, get that new job. Keeping my fingers crossed! Going to Kelantan again though, this time for 3 days. Em.....yay?

I got the 'Memoirs of a Geisha' book for Christmas from me bro. Been wanting to get it for ages but never got around to it. It's a good read, so i'm hoping the movie is as good too.

A bit creepy rite?

Oh well, that's all for now. Got to get ready for a dinner at Fridays. Suppose to be a farewell dinner for a colleague. Toodles~