Sunday, January 15, 2006

New year, new changes?

CNY is coming! Woohoo! But i haven't bought any new year clothes yet. Drats! How many more shopping days to go?? Shopping, anyone?

Let's see, what changes there weresince i last updated, hmmm.....I went to Kelantan again and when i got back, i resigned! Yup, got the job i wanted at last. :D But will miss my old colleagues though. They are a nice bunch to hang out with. I'm at work now actually. Quite free today, but i'm told i will be swamped with work starting next month. I don't want to think about it yet. Went around every floor to be introduced to....everyone. I'll have to work together with them, so i got to know who i'm working with. Will be attending the company kick-off dinner this saturday. Now i need to find something to wear. Aiks!

Went for a medical check-up, required by my company. All seems well. And went to get my photo taken. I look quite tan in the photo. Hmmm...

I've yet to finish 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy reading it so much that i don't want to finish it, so i guess i'm just trying to stall time. But i'll finish it before i see the movie. Talking about movies, i haven't watched 'King Kong' yet! Got some mixed reviews about that big ape. Some said were nice, others said it wasn't. What say you?

2 more weeks to CNY. I'm hoping to meet old friends and do some catching up. And of course ang pow collection which i missed last year. And food!! Yum!

Ok, i guess my blog has gotten quite boring, even to myself. I'm like reporting what i did......which is not interesting at all. Hopefully i'll get to blog about something else soon. Ideas anyone?

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benauhc said...

okay, quick finish the book so that I can read it. :)