Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soup in bread!

Was at Times Square today accompanying a friend to shop, when we came across this stall selling bread! It looked like a good concept, so we stopped to try out the soup.

Espress Soup

My friend ordered the minestrone soup, while me and the bf had the good 'ol mushroom soup. The mushroom soup was served first, where the soup was simply ladled into the bread. Then the minestrone next, but we were wondering why it was served separately into another bowl. We asked the people there, and they said it was because the minestrone soup was too wet to be served straight to into the bread. Jeez, just admit it's watery.

The watery minestrone

I didn't try the minestrone soup, but from the looks of it, it was not appetizing at all. My friend did say that it is bad.

Mushroom soup

The mushroom soup was good. Way much better than the minestrone. But then, the bread didn't have any taste at all. I quote, "It tastes like cardboard".

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Ikea workstation

We had been contemplating on buying a table where we can do some work and use our laptop. Well, mostly for using our laptops, as we didn't have a proper work surface. So, what do people do when they need new furniture? Yup, look at the Ikea catalogue.

After browsing the Ikea site, we spotted some workstations that would suit us. Off we went to Ikea one night to buy it. We compared the few pieces and finally settled on the Fredrik workstation! We bought the colour that would suit the colour scheme of our living room. We also bought a work tray to organise our bills and letters.

Work tray

Meet Fredrik!

The Gundams posing on top of the workstation.
(We moved the workstation to the other wall)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just chilling out

After work today I met up with some friends to have dinner at this new place at Subang Parade. It's called Chill Out, accessible from the open air carpark near Parkson. I really didn't notice this place until my friend told me about it. They have a wide range of fusion food and drinks there.


Interior - part of it

They have so many different types of food including tapas, asian, steaks, burgers, japanese and many more. Had a hard time deciding what to order. So I ended up with Angel Hair Trio Pasta, which is basically Angel Hair pasta cooked in 3 different ways. Tasted alright, nothing to shout about.

Carbonara, bolognese and aglio olio

Fried calamari. Sampled a lil of this, but I didn't like it

Prawn tapas. Forgot the exact name

Meat wrapped in chapatti

This looks like a nice place to hang out and catch up with friends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Countdown and Dinner at Craft Brews

Happy New Year, everyone!! Wow, it's already 2010! Time sure flies by. Have not been blogging for sometime, but I'll try to blog more this year!

Today's blog is brought to you by the letter C and B. Put them together and you get....Craft Brews! This new restaurant/brewhouse, that has opened up last month, offers craft beers such as RedDot, Flying Dog and Rogue. An interesting new concept. It's located at Mutiara Damansara, just after Tesco, diagonally opposite Petronas/Burger King (does that make sense?)

Interior design. Reminds me of the 3D pipes on Windows

So, this is how it's done!

I got a chance to have dinner there (yes, they serve fine food as well) on New Years eve. The food was really good and came in big portions. Definitely worth every penny. Even had to 'tapau' the food back as we couldn't finish it.

Complimentary minestrone soup

Caesar Salad. The best i've tasted so far.

Matriciana spaghetti with breaded eggplant. Yummy!

Beef burger with bacon.

Flying Dog's Snake Dog-India Pale Ale and RedDot's Monster Green Beer. It really is green!

After dinner we hung around with some friends and waited for the countdown and fireworks. It was definitely worth the wait! Seeing the long display of fireworks upclose. I caught it all on video, though my hands were aching from taking such a long video.

After the countdown there, I have been back to Craft Brews with friends. And I've sampled some of their caramelized pork, ribs, potato wedges and not forgetting their craft beers! Definitely worth more visits in the future.