Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Ikea workstation

We had been contemplating on buying a table where we can do some work and use our laptop. Well, mostly for using our laptops, as we didn't have a proper work surface. So, what do people do when they need new furniture? Yup, look at the Ikea catalogue.

After browsing the Ikea site, we spotted some workstations that would suit us. Off we went to Ikea one night to buy it. We compared the few pieces and finally settled on the Fredrik workstation! We bought the colour that would suit the colour scheme of our living room. We also bought a work tray to organise our bills and letters.

Work tray

Meet Fredrik!

The Gundams posing on top of the workstation.
(We moved the workstation to the other wall)


theeggyolks said...

it look nice! I wonder how much is that

hot choc said...

Thanks. The workstation is rm369.