Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sydney Day 6

Another bright and sunny day to spend outdoors! We all headed back to the city to catch the ferry to Manly. If my memory serves me correctly, it took about 20 minutes to reach Manly. We enjoyed the sights along the way.

Can you see the people up there? Next time...

It was a perfect day for a swim, so many people were at the beach! Too bad we didn't have time (and proper beach wear), or else it would have been lovely to go for a deep.

We leisurely strolled by the beach and then around the shops. We then stopped for a spot of lunch and then we took the ferry back to the city.

My favourite pic

My parents went back to Wahroonga while us young ones headed to Bondi Beach!

We headed back to the city for dinner and then back to the inn for a much needed rest.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sydney Day 5

Time to do more touristy things! Day 5 began with a city tour. At first we wanted to join one of those tour buses which stops at several popular places. But we then decided it was easier to find out own way since everywhere is within walking distance. So, armed with a map, we were ready to conquer the city!!

We came across the Special Olympic torch run at the city hall and then we walked across to the Queen Victoria Building. Pricey place.

My brother the Chinese tourist (got the flags from the Special Olympic torch run)

City Hall

The Special Olympic torch run


After the quick tour inside the QVB, we made our way to the Sydney Fish market!! It's soooo clean inside. All markets should be like this! We had a good lunch at the fish market.


We walked around the market for a bit. Saw a lot of fresh seafood!

We then moved on to China Town. We passed by Ian Thorpe's Aquatic Centre on the way there.

Blending right in

Damn big!

After that we went to walk (yup, more walkies) at Hyde Park.

Captain Cook!

We saw St. Mary's across the street. Looks like the World Youth Day's gonna be next year.

Was already late by that time, after a whole day of walking around the city we headed back to Wahroonga after dinner.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sydney Day 4

It's a hot and sunny day. After breakfast, we were off to Cabramatta, a Vietnamese suburb. It was quite a long drive there.

A lot of shops there selling clothes, food, hair salons, chemist's, butcher's and the cycle repeats. The odd thing is the fashion there is a bit outdated. The clothes and hairstyles especially.

After walking for a while and window shopping we decided to stop for a spot of lunch. Lunch was at a noodle restaurant. I ordered rice though....i love my rice!

My pork chop and broken rice

Was a very nice lunch indeed! We did more walking after lunch and then drove back to Wahroonga.

We had a big family dinner that night. Filled 2 tables at a Chinese restaurant. Sat among cousins, so it was nice catching up and just talking.

After dinner, Uncle Daniel brought some of us for a car ride around the city. Couldn't take nice pictures as i had no tripod.