Monday, November 12, 2007

Sydney Day 4

It's a hot and sunny day. After breakfast, we were off to Cabramatta, a Vietnamese suburb. It was quite a long drive there.

A lot of shops there selling clothes, food, hair salons, chemist's, butcher's and the cycle repeats. The odd thing is the fashion there is a bit outdated. The clothes and hairstyles especially.

After walking for a while and window shopping we decided to stop for a spot of lunch. Lunch was at a noodle restaurant. I ordered rice though....i love my rice!

My pork chop and broken rice

Was a very nice lunch indeed! We did more walking after lunch and then drove back to Wahroonga.

We had a big family dinner that night. Filled 2 tables at a Chinese restaurant. Sat among cousins, so it was nice catching up and just talking.

After dinner, Uncle Daniel brought some of us for a car ride around the city. Couldn't take nice pictures as i had no tripod.

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