Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sydney Day 6

Another bright and sunny day to spend outdoors! We all headed back to the city to catch the ferry to Manly. If my memory serves me correctly, it took about 20 minutes to reach Manly. We enjoyed the sights along the way.

Can you see the people up there? Next time...

It was a perfect day for a swim, so many people were at the beach! Too bad we didn't have time (and proper beach wear), or else it would have been lovely to go for a deep.

We leisurely strolled by the beach and then around the shops. We then stopped for a spot of lunch and then we took the ferry back to the city.

My favourite pic

My parents went back to Wahroonga while us young ones headed to Bondi Beach!

We headed back to the city for dinner and then back to the inn for a much needed rest.

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