Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh Singapura (Final Day)

Sorry for the delay, been swamped with work. Here's the continuation from my last post.

On the 3rd day, everyone woke up early as usual. Couldn't decide where to go or what to do till my Dad suggested to go to the Zoo! So off to the Zoo we went after breakfast. This is my second time visiting the Singapore Zoo. I don't remember my first visit but i vaguely remember going and riding the tram (and i still got some Singapore Zoo stickers with me!).

We arrived nice and early, and there wasn't too much of a crowd. We parked our car easily, without hassle. Lots of animal photos ahead (well, it's a zoo afterall), and also of my part time model, Josh.

Josh, going for the off-shoulder look

Mr. and Mrs. Macaw

Polly wants a cracker!

Hmm...i heard they name a brand after me (Crocs)


White Bengal Tigers

Here fishy, fishy, fishy! Josh choosing his fish for lunch.

Warthogs. Reminds me of Lion King

Pygmy hippos


Aha! Photo-op!

After walking for a while, we came to a 'Cool Rest Air-con Shelter' to rest for a bit.

Feeding time in the zoo

Another tram ride

Who is the Queen of the jungle?

Polar Bear


We stopped by at the playground. Spotted Singapore celebrities Wong Li Lin with husband Allan Wu and kids. Didn't snap a photo of them though.

He just lovessss playing in water

After seeing enough animals for one day, we headed off to lunch. Guess where........KFC! inappropriate.

Everyone was tired out after another day out.Me and my sis headed out for another spot of last minute shopping while everyone else took a nap. We managed to grab some shirts and presents for my Dad's birthday. (One thing i like about Singapore is their transportation. It's so easy to catch a bus or MRT to just anywhere.)

Later in the evening, after a cuppa, we headed back home. Felt bushed after 3 days in Singapore.

~The End~

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh Singapura! (Day 1 & 2)

Going to Singapore again reminds me of this childhood song:

Singapura, oh, Singapura,
Sunny island sets in the sea.
Singapura, oh, Singapura,
Pretty flowers bloom for you and me.
Come along join the song in merry singing,
Blend our voices,
Join in the chorus.
Singapura, oh Singapura,
Pretty flowers bloom for you and me.

I used to have a cassette full of children songs and played it often. Among the songs are, 'Hot Cross Bun', 'When the Saints Go Marching' and 'My Grandfather's Clock'. Ok, i'm getting side tracked here.

I went to Singapore recently (thus the great rush to get my passport renewed). I haven't had the chance to go to Singapore for 5 years already.

*Warning, lots of pictures ahead!!*

We (5 + 1 baby) set out on Friday afternoon, right after Josh's nap. Started out with fine weather, and at some part, it started to rain.

Raining hard

Josh buckled up, staring into the rain

We stopped to have a coffee break at a rest area at the second link and after a quick cup of coffee, we drove into Singapore. Luckily we had the map to my brother's place, so it was easy to find. The journey took slightly more than 3 hours only. We were greeted by Vicky as Ben was due to arrive back from China only that night.

Our destination

Everyone settling down

There's a MRT track just behind the apartment, so every few minutes Josh would say 'Thoma twain!' and would insist on going to watch it pass, so we would have to carry him up to watch it. Although most time we would miss it.

Watching the 'Thomas train'


Later that evening, we headed out for dinner. Decided to take the MRT to Woodlands to have dinner at a mall near there. Josh got exited for his first ride in the train.

Can you spot me?


After that we came back and waited for Ben's arrival back home.

Josh relaxing after dinner. He would strike this pose everytime u ask him to relax

Next day, everyone was up and about early (with Josh's help of course). We were all going for a trip to Sentosa. So right after a spot of breakfast, everyone (7 + 1 baby) bundled into the car and headed off to Sentosa.

Hmmm, let me see the map and decide where to go

We went to try out the newest attraction there, The Luge! It's just a short ride down the track. All of us, except my parents, went for the ride, even Josh. He rode with Jeff.

He didn't like wearing the helmet


As you may know, some rides allocate cameras at strategic places, so whenever you pass, they would take your picture and then after your ride, you can see your picture displayed on screens near the counter and buy the pictures. I went to the screens and used my phone to take pictures of our photos. Hehe..

Me, Vicky & Ben

Jeff, Josh & Yin

It was real fun! But too bad it was so short. Upon reaching the bottom, we had to get our car & parents which we left at the start of the track. So me and Jeff went back up on the Skyride.

A pic taken from the screen again.

Taken from above. If you noticed there are a lot of ships in the background

After retrieving the car & my parents, we drove to another spot, where we hopped on the tram. The tram ride took us around 2 beaches (Pahlawan & Tanjung beach if i'm not mistaken).

Claimed to be the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia, or Asia's closest point to the Equator

Remember seeing the dolphin show 5 years back

Saw a lot of them around the island

After the ride, we got off and decided to have lunch in Vivo City which is near the entrance of Sentosa Island. We had Kuching 'Ko Lo Mee'

Where's my lunch?

Had to go to all the way to Singapore to try Kuching Ko Lo mee

Josh sure loves his soup (or in his words, 'Lup')

After walking around (where i bought a blouse and a skirt), we headed back home. Everyone was exhausted and we all took afternoon naps. Later that night some relatives came over for my brother's house warming. I forgot to take any photos! >_<

Alright, that's all for Day 1 & 2. Will continue in the next post.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Waffle Stop @ 1 Utama

I've never been a big fan of waffles, even topped with ice cream. Not sure why, but i don't like the taste of the waffle at A&W. But i came across the Waffle Stop kiosk at 1Utama Food Court, which has the best waffles so far. It comes with a range of toppings.

Chocolate-fudge...forgot the real name

Chocolate & Marshmallow

This is the kind of thing you got to eat once in the blue moon, or else you can get sick of it.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Also known as '300 Pahlawan Berani Mati'. Seriously, they should have stopped translating at '300' (even '300 Pahlawan Sparta' doesn't sound too bad). I managed to watch this movie on the opening day itself. Despite sleeping for only 2-3 hours the night before (work work work) and rushing to get my passport renewed (had to go twice, first time i went, they already stopped for lunch). This movie is really really awesome, but it's not for the fainthearted. You'll see decapitated heads flying.

This movie beats Troy or any other movie of that range. Gerard Butler makes a good King Leonidas, but i can't help but notice his teeth everytime he talks. The character Ephialtes reminds me of Gollum from LOTR.

King Leonidas being molested by Xerxes I

In real life

This movie is really worth watching. Anyone who's going to watch it, please call me along! I don't mind watching again!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Not so digital

About 2 months back, Digital Mall at Seksyen 14 PJ had a grand opening. The place was packed and the mall doesn't have a parking. People would have to park at Jaya mall which was next to it or along the street. It was so freaking pack on the grand opening that many parked illegally along the street and near the housing area. The police had a grand day too, giving out summons.

This was a picture i took of Digital Mall, from Jaya (which is just opposite).

The big screen is usually showing movie trailers or something, but on that day a big error message appeared on the screen. Heh, not so digital after all...