Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Somebody ordered a roast pig?

*This post is definitely NOT halal

Attended a big birthday celebration last weekend. It was held in the house for 90 over people. We reached early to help out with the preparations, but everything was already settled. The canopy was up, tables were set, the catered food already warming up and the beers were being chilled in ice.

Soon after we reached, the main course arrived. It sure looked like a dead body under the wrappings.

Roast pork

Little did we know the price includes the butcher as well. He came armed with an assistant, a folded table, chopping board, knife and styrofoam boxes to keep the extra meat. When the dinner started, he started chopping. In no time he had chopped everything up and he even had time to entertain request from the guests.

All chopped up