Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This and That..

Been looking at some photos taken sometime back. Here are some pics of Rakuzen. The food was to die for.
Realised i didn't take any photos before eating

Damn nice

Last week, i went for a friend's birthday celebration and tried Shisha for the very first time. Was pretty cool. First time maaa..

Watched 'Click''s as nice as people say it is. Serious and funny at times. Went to watch 'Dragon Tiger Gate', was ok..full of action. And no, the third guy's name is not 'Gate'. But i still don't get why they want to cover their eyes with their fringe. Not irritating meh?

I'm currently reading a book by Jodi Picoult, 'My Sister's Keeper'. Got me hooked from the first page. Got to finish it by this weekend. Anymore books to borrow me, Yin?

Going back home tomorrow..Wheeeee...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yup, at last im spending time to blog about my trip to Bangkok. It's only been....1..2.... 3 weeks!

We boarded the evening plane there, got the free Air Asia tickets quite sometime ago. Reached there around 8pm Thai time.
On the plane ride

Upon reaching, we left our bags at the Hotel and headed out into the Thai night. First stop, dinner!

Yen Ta Fu! It's pink!....But it's pink!!

I didn't eat that, i ate some Pork Ball noodle. Nice, for only 40Baht. All Thai food came in smaller portions, less oily and delicious! No wonder all the people there were slim. You would have thought we would have called it a night. But NooooOOoo...we started what we came to Bangkok for...well, maybe what i went to Bangkok for. Suan Lum! As you can see from the pic there's a big ass Ferris Wheel in the background. Went for a ride in it, costs 100Baht per person for about 5 spins. They had the famous Beer Garden here. The pic i took was too blur.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Next day, went for our half day tour. Went on a boat ride along Chao Phraya.
On the way there

Boat ride

Along the river bank we saw lots of...buildings

After that we went to feed some fishies....Whenever we fed them with bread, they would snatch for it, making big splashes and showering us.

Here fishy fishy...

We stop at one of the temples along the riverbank.

Saw a huge toad along the way..

After the half day boat tour, some of us went shopping till evening and then it was dinner at a local Thai restaurant. The next day was a Saturday, so Chatuchak it is!

Along the way, we stopped for coffee, twice. The coffee sold here are cheap, around 40Baht and almost as good as the overpriced coffee sold in M'sia.

I need my coffee wherever i go

Chatuchak is a very very big scale weekend market that sells everything under the sun.

So cute!!
How to resist??? I wanna, i wanna!!

Selling like hotcakes!

Bought loads of clothing from there. So cheap! If only we had things like this here.

Next, we went back to the hotel for some R&R

Next day, it was back to M'sia. Woke up very early to catch our flight.

Hotel lobby at 4am

That's all for my post on Bangkok. The stay was enjoyable, the people were very polite and the food....delicious! (Bacon every morning for breakfast!!) I would definitely go again given the chance.