Thursday, May 25, 2006

X-Men Review

I watched the X-Men 3 premier last nite at GSC Midvalley. Thanks to tailo for the tickets. The place was packed with people, I think there were 2 screenings of X-Men going on last nite. For those who have not watch take note to stay till the credits finish rolling out. I know it may take sometime, but I guess it’s worth it. Only 4 of us remained to watch it, everyone else emptied out the cinema damn fast.

In this movie, Magneto and his army were trying to destroy a hospital that invented a medicine to transform mutants back to normal people. And the X-Men of course were trying to stop him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

What I always look forward to when watching X-Men movies is the introduction of new characters. In this new movie, we see a lot of new faces (some from the comic, some created for this movie). In the movie posters for X-Men, the character ‘Angel’ can be seen clearly. You would have thought he would play an important role in the movie, but turns out otherwise. He just says a few line and flaps flies around the rest of the time. And the part when he was young and trying to cut off his wings…damn geli!!

Warning: More spoilers ahead, read at your own risk!!

I think the highly anticipated character (for some people) has to be Phoenix. (She sort of died last episode and was supposed to transform into Phoenix). She’s the most powerful mutant of all (Class 5). I was expecting loads of fire….but sadly only shown one same move throughout the movie, but damn powerful (and horny!). She did kill loads of people (Scott and Professor Xavier among them) and had to be killed in the end as well. (Scott’s no big loss is he? Hehe..).

Throughout the movie, a lot of mutants were jabbed with the medicine to turn them back into normal humans (some while fighting and some voluntarily). One of the victims was Magneto…shocking to think about him without his powers.

All in all, the movie was nice…just don’t expect it to be the same as the cartoon/comic and you will like it. I’m looking forward to the 4th movie, as it seems like there will be a fourth. As I said, stay till the credits have finish rolling!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Breaking the Code!

Yesterday, I had my first time…….in Gold Class, where I watched Da Vinci Code. Was awesome, you get to sit back and relax in a comfy chair plus order your food and be served. I read the reviews of the movie before this and was already expecting the worst. But it turned out to be good. When the movie first started, it didn’t appeal to me much, but once they went to Chateau de Villette it perked me up. Ian McKellen was good as Teabing. Ohh, and Silas’ maniacal stare…..brrrr. Ron Howard did add some of his own stories in the movie. This movie would be awesome if you don’t compare it with the book.

Loads of movies this month. Watched Mission Impossible 3 last week. I think it’s the best so far, though I can’t remember much about the first 2. Next up, Over the Hedge and X-Men. Can’t wait to watch Ian McKellen in action again. (opening this week!).

I think I’m starting the trend of blogging once a month and summarizing everything up. Heh. What to do…busy busy. Was really busy just 2 weeks back but it sort of died down a bit. I suspect it’ll be picking up again soon.

Oh I’m looking for an apartment/condo to rent in PJ. Any recommendations? Would prefer the whole unit. Must have good security & facilities. I’m setting a car/housing fund….for myself :D Anyone interested to donate, leave me a message. Would prefer money. Checks and furniture (not broken ones, mind you)…still acceptable.

It’s me mum’s birthday today! Celebrated during the weekend already. Gave her a purse as hers is quite old and weathered already.

In need of retail therapy, will be organizing the activity for this weekend. Anyone wants to join?