Friday, December 31, 2010


Did everyone have a good holiday? I was back in my hometown for Christmas, to celebrate with my family. As usual we would put all our presents under the Christmas tree.

The haul this year

My nephew received this activity book from my brother. So I was flipping through the book and found it very interesting! It teaches kids to make crafts, paper planes, friendship bands, origami and so on. As my nephew still needed some guidance on how to make the crafts, I decided to make some for him.

Activity book

I started off making some airplanes and then after that turned to make some origami animals. Started off with this crab. A song from South Park comes to mind which goes like this: 'Crab people, crab people, taste like crab, talk like people'.


My masterpiece, minus the eyes and colour

I remember folding this one at school last time. The jumping frog. It hops in front whenever you hold your finger on the frog's back and then slide your finger off.

How to fold a frog

Ta-da! My jumping frog

Pretty interesting huh?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ready for Christmas

After weeks of scouting and shopping, I have my presents all wrapped and ready to go!

I was at Toys R Us the other day to buy my presents, so I was watching how the staff was wrapping my presents. I went home to try to imitate......but failed! There goes any chance of me being a present-wrapper-person..... Oh well.

Here's to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cakes these days...

Have you seen the extravagant birthday cakes these days?? The younger you are, the more awesome the cake is. I attended my niece Cheyenne's first birthday last month and her cake was so 'woahhh'.

Here, let me show you my first birthday cake. Big and round with a huge '1' on it. Though some people have their cakes shaped as the number.

My cake

Now here's Cheyenne's cake. So detailed and pretty.

Cheyenne's cake

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cravings for Sizzling Steak

One fine evening, me and the bf were craving for a nice juicy sizzling steak. This was not long after having one at The Ship (forgot to take photos of that). After some scouting around, we settled on Victoria Station.

We ordered the escargot as our appetizer and both had the sizzling steak. The escargot came with lots of garlic piled on top and it sure was yummy! The steak was.....sizzling! It was not as tasty as the one we had at The Ship and the sauce was slightly tangy. But nonetheless, satisfied our cravings for sizzling steak. MmmmmMmmm...

Complimentary bun

A side of salad

Half a dozen of escargot

Here's a better look at the snail

A closer look just in case you couldn't see

The sizzling steak!

I don't get it though, why must sizzling steaks be served with tomato? Sorry, not a tomato fan here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More cheap thrills

Few months back, I posted up about some cheap thrills we indulged in. Well this month we (as in the bf) indulged on a few more. :D

We have been visiting Toys R Us quite a lot recently, and if you noticed there are a few 'capsule stations' in front of the store. The bf will be eyeing the machines each time we exit and would then succumb to try his luck on the capsule station. He would make a beeline for the Dragon Ball ones.

First off, we got Bulma and baby Trunks (Ok, so I had to ask the bf for all their names). Let me tell you, this is one mean looking baby.

Cracked the egg


Even in the manga he's mean!

Next time we were there, we got Goku (in a different form) and Piccolo. I found Piccolo's pink-reddish parts of his skin a bit 'geli'. Looks as if he has some flesh eating bacteria or skin disease going on there. We tried to mismatch the bodies and limbs, but turns out they only fit the correct character. Bah!

Disembodied parts

Piccolo: I Choose You!

Goku ready to fight

And then today, the bf went happily again (without me!) to get more figurines. He got Frieza and another bigger figurine of Goku together with Kamesennin.

All pinky


Bigger eggs costs more

Goku and Kamesennin

Now we got a whole collection of Dragon Ball characters. Got them all lined up in front of our Gundam characters.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday lunch at Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Had an awesome but sinful lunch today at Betty's Midwest Kitchen, located at Aman Suria. They have some good American food served here. Yums!

My favourite would be the Dog Food which is fries with cheese and drenched in awesome gravy. Did I mention they have awesome gravy? Had it with the pork chop too.

Dog food!


Classical Meatloaf

Pork chop with country gravy

Definitely worth a visit, but do take note the place is quite packed at times!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sick Pig

One of my guinea pig has been sick for about a week. I first noticed Junior was sick when he didn't eat or drink at all, oh and not pooping too. He only ate a little bit of the cucumber i fed him. (Cucumber is like an ice-cream treat to guinea pigs). He was still as active as ever, but learned later that guinea pigs are very good at hiding their sickness.

A guinea pig who is not eating or drinking is very worrying, and if it doesn't eat after a few hours, it might die. So the boyfriend brought Junior to the vet. Turns out his gastrointestinal tract was blocked. The vet gave Junior a shot and some antibiotics to take. Was advised to give him lots of hay! Didn't buy any recently....oops!


We had to feed him his antibiotics twice a day. He would squirm, turn his head away and try to run away whenever we fed him! Had to hold him like a baby and use the syringe to feed him.

"Maybe if I don't move, they wouldn't notice me"

"The ordeal is over!"

Here's looking at you!

Glad to say that he's much better now, albeit not eating his pellets and drinking water as much as he used to. Hope he gets well soon.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner at Duck King, Jaya One

We have been to Jaya One quite a number of times and but we never tried out Duck King before. Heard it was quite good and the place is usually full. So one night, we decided to head over and try it out. Did not regret it.

Appetizer. Could not quite figure out what it is

Rice with pork lard

Duck, of course

Char siew

Pork curry

2 style kailan

Mango dessert

Awesome durian dessert

The food was great. Would definitely go again to try out the other dishes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


After dinner at the Land-of-Roundabouts (Kota Kemuning) last night, we went for dessert at Gelateria. They serve ice-creams and also food. What's unique about their ice-cream is that they can design it in pizza, spaghetti and lasagna form!


Fruity ice-creams

Chocolaty/Coffee-y ice-creams

Raspberry and kiwi spaghetti. But look like worms

Chocolate and coffee ice-cream

Really worth a try!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can't wait for HP7

Finally, the last installment of the Harry Potter series is coming this Nov 18th (Part 1) and the other half (Part 2) in summer next year.

The last movie didn't end as exciting as the book, so wasn't really hyped about the final movie. But after watching the trailer and seeing this poster, I'm pretty excited about it. HP7, anyone?