Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinner at Sushi Tei

Few weeks back we decided to try the new establishment Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall (also fondly known as TCM). We heard some good reviews about this place so we thought we would give it try.

The restaurant had a nice setting and the prices of the sushi plates were not expensive. Though I'm not a salmon lover, but i could see that the pieces of sliced salmon were looking very tasty.

Garlic rice with chicken. I actually wanted just plain ol' garlic rice, but they don't have that

Spicy Miso Ramen. Not that spicy

Chicken Karaage

Salmon Mentai. This was really delicious!

Sushi roll with meat floss

Lots of salmon skin. A bit too much here.

Overall the food was nice. Wouldn't mind going again to try out different things. The bill came to about RM54 for all the food.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was down in Singapore during the weekend for my niece's fullmoon bbq party. I've not seen Sophia since she was born.

As a 1 month old baby, she's very aware of her surroundings. Always looking around and even eying the person who happens to be feeding her. She's quite contented to be left in her cot , though once in a while she'll cry for attention.

Once in a while, i would pop into her room and entertain her for a bit, hoping to get some response from her. And i wasn't disappointed.

She gladly looked into the camera


And i got her to smile!