Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner at Duck King, Jaya One

We have been to Jaya One quite a number of times and but we never tried out Duck King before. Heard it was quite good and the place is usually full. So one night, we decided to head over and try it out. Did not regret it.

Appetizer. Could not quite figure out what it is

Rice with pork lard

Duck, of course

Char siew

Pork curry

2 style kailan

Mango dessert

Awesome durian dessert

The food was great. Would definitely go again to try out the other dishes.


ken said...

sure looks delicious :)

hot choc said...

it sure is :D

Baby Sumo said...

So was the duck really good?

hot choc said...

yup, the duck was good but i wouldn't say the sole attraction was the duck