Friday, October 15, 2010

The Chronicles of Cheyenne

This post is dedicated to my niece, Cheyenne of the LittleCheyenneGirl fame. I've taken quite many photos of her, but have not posted up any before. I met her for the first time when she was about 2 weeks old.

Saw her again during CNY this year.

I want my pacifier

That's much better

I think I'll rest for a while

What chu looking at? You want to fight about it?

That's it! I'm off to grandma's!

I am a ninja!

Then again at Sophia's 1st birthday party.

Like my hat?

Having some girl talk with cousin Sophia

Few weekends back we were all back in my hometown.

*Yawn...Daddy please make a more interesting shape

I can sit!

Time really flies. Will be celebrating her 1 year old birthday next month.

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