Friday, November 05, 2010

Sick Pig

One of my guinea pig has been sick for about a week. I first noticed Junior was sick when he didn't eat or drink at all, oh and not pooping too. He only ate a little bit of the cucumber i fed him. (Cucumber is like an ice-cream treat to guinea pigs). He was still as active as ever, but learned later that guinea pigs are very good at hiding their sickness.

A guinea pig who is not eating or drinking is very worrying, and if it doesn't eat after a few hours, it might die. So the boyfriend brought Junior to the vet. Turns out his gastrointestinal tract was blocked. The vet gave Junior a shot and some antibiotics to take. Was advised to give him lots of hay! Didn't buy any recently....oops!


We had to feed him his antibiotics twice a day. He would squirm, turn his head away and try to run away whenever we fed him! Had to hold him like a baby and use the syringe to feed him.

"Maybe if I don't move, they wouldn't notice me"

"The ordeal is over!"

Here's looking at you!

Glad to say that he's much better now, albeit not eating his pellets and drinking water as much as he used to. Hope he gets well soon.

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