Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More cheap thrills

Few months back, I posted up about some cheap thrills we indulged in. Well this month we (as in the bf) indulged on a few more. :D

We have been visiting Toys R Us quite a lot recently, and if you noticed there are a few 'capsule stations' in front of the store. The bf will be eyeing the machines each time we exit and would then succumb to try his luck on the capsule station. He would make a beeline for the Dragon Ball ones.

First off, we got Bulma and baby Trunks (Ok, so I had to ask the bf for all their names). Let me tell you, this is one mean looking baby.

Cracked the egg


Even in the manga he's mean!

Next time we were there, we got Goku (in a different form) and Piccolo. I found Piccolo's pink-reddish parts of his skin a bit 'geli'. Looks as if he has some flesh eating bacteria or skin disease going on there. We tried to mismatch the bodies and limbs, but turns out they only fit the correct character. Bah!

Disembodied parts

Piccolo: I Choose You!

Goku ready to fight

And then today, the bf went happily again (without me!) to get more figurines. He got Frieza and another bigger figurine of Goku together with Kamesennin.

All pinky


Bigger eggs costs more

Goku and Kamesennin

Now we got a whole collection of Dragon Ball characters. Got them all lined up in front of our Gundam characters.

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