Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cravings for Sizzling Steak

One fine evening, me and the bf were craving for a nice juicy sizzling steak. This was not long after having one at The Ship (forgot to take photos of that). After some scouting around, we settled on Victoria Station.

We ordered the escargot as our appetizer and both had the sizzling steak. The escargot came with lots of garlic piled on top and it sure was yummy! The steak was.....sizzling! It was not as tasty as the one we had at The Ship and the sauce was slightly tangy. But nonetheless, satisfied our cravings for sizzling steak. MmmmmMmmm...

Complimentary bun

A side of salad

Half a dozen of escargot

Here's a better look at the snail

A closer look just in case you couldn't see

The sizzling steak!

I don't get it though, why must sizzling steaks be served with tomato? Sorry, not a tomato fan here.

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