Friday, December 31, 2010


Did everyone have a good holiday? I was back in my hometown for Christmas, to celebrate with my family. As usual we would put all our presents under the Christmas tree.

The haul this year

My nephew received this activity book from my brother. So I was flipping through the book and found it very interesting! It teaches kids to make crafts, paper planes, friendship bands, origami and so on. As my nephew still needed some guidance on how to make the crafts, I decided to make some for him.

Activity book

I started off making some airplanes and then after that turned to make some origami animals. Started off with this crab. A song from South Park comes to mind which goes like this: 'Crab people, crab people, taste like crab, talk like people'.


My masterpiece, minus the eyes and colour

I remember folding this one at school last time. The jumping frog. It hops in front whenever you hold your finger on the frog's back and then slide your finger off.

How to fold a frog

Ta-da! My jumping frog

Pretty interesting huh?


Suzanne said...

So cute :)
I used to make frogs too!

hot choc said...

Sure brings back memories :)