Sunday, April 25, 2010

Those cheap thrills

One day after buying a present at Toys R Us, we noticed that the slot/toy capsule machines outside the store were having a 'sale'. The capsules were half off. So what the heck? We decided to indulge ourselves a little and try our luck at the machines.

Capsule station outside Toys R Us

After changing money for tokens at the counter, we browsed around for the machine that has the most attractive toy. The Bf settled on the Dragon Ball machine. We then put the tokens in, said a little prayer and turned the dial. Behold! We got 'Goku'. (Ok, i have to admit i asked the bf what character was that)

Goku in the egg

We went home, cracked open the capsule and assembled the body parts. Goku is now displayed next to one of our Gundams. (Which reminds me, i have a loooooong overdue Gundam post)

Cracked egg

Dismembered body parts

All done up


kenwooi said...

cool.. i've never got one of those before =)

hot choc said...

u should try it sometime! u nvr know what you'll get.