Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner at Boston Restaurant, Klang

When we were deciding where to head for dinner, our friend decided to bring us to Klang to this famous restaurant called Boston. We reached the place around 9pm and had to wait a few minutes to get a table. After that it was another 1 hour wait for the food! We ordered 2 dishes and a plate of noodles. The food was really worth the wait.

The famous lala dish which every table was ordering

oats + butter milk prawn (mak pin lai niu ha)

The lala was really tasty, with really spicy gravy/juice. The oat + butter prawns' got to be the best one i've tasted so far. I wouldn't mind coming here again although the wait can be quite long. It's alright once in a while.


kenwooi said...

i love the oats + butter limk prawns! =)

hot choc said...

yeah, sinfully yummy!

Cest La Vie said...

Wow...the oats and butter milk prawn really make me salivate!