Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year, all!! I know, it's almost over...but it's better late than never.

I took a week off during the CNY hols. The longest ever holiday for CNY i've taken so far. Went back home on Thursday (15th Feb) to beat the holiday 'balik kampung' rush and came back to KL on the following Friday (23rd Feb) to beat the 'back to work' rush. Successful at both attempts! :D

First thing i did back home was to inspect the cookie haul...

And the oranges.....

CNY won't be CNY without the 'loh' duck....



Here's looking at you!

Joshua had a new outfit...

He has a new found love for 'bak kua'. And likes to try every cookie, which he doesn't finish. He's scared of fireworks. Poor kid.

I managed to visit a number of friends this time around. And collected more 'ang pow' than last year. Spent a lot of time at Huai Lin's place, taking pictures. Here's one of her adjusting the camera.

Yeah, that's an orange that she's using

I'll upload more pictures when she remembers to send it to me!

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Wendism said...

lynn looks quite pro... haha.. looks only