Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Waterlily Cafe

Went to the Waterlily Cafe yesterday night for dinner. It's located at the IOI Commercial building in Puchong, facing the LDP. This place was recommended by friends who said the BBQ there was good. It's a halal cafe, so no pok! (You guys got to seriously watch that clip, damn funny)

I don't know why it's called a cafe, when it's more like a restaurant. But nowadays the word 'cafe' is overused anyways. The restaurant has seats inside and outside. The tables outside are garden tables and benches, with an umbrella overhead.

The BBQ pit greets customers as they walk in

We tried their Bali BBQ, which was why we were there. There were other things in the menu, but didn't bother reading it. We ordered their Bali BBQ Beef Set and their Bali BBQ Chicken & Lamb Combo Set. The meat was really nicely cooked and their portions are big!

The beef!

The chicken and lamb. There are 2 pieces of lamb steak! Stacked on top one another. Enough for 2 person.

The soup and ice bended mango drink

I hardly touched my soup and garlic bread. The soup tasted funky to me, i think it's because of the parsley/coriander-like thingy they added in.

Overall the meal was really good and cheap! About RM25-RM30 per person. Yum~

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Jace said...

I think i should go and try!! *drools*