Monday, February 05, 2007


Had my cupcakes delivered last Monday! Although i was suppose to collect it on Saturday, but due to some kind of mix-up, it wasn't there when i went to pick it up. So i had it delivered to me on Monday instead.

Since it's near Valentines, i ordered the lovely Valentines design. I was eying the Chocolate Thunder design though. For those who are planning to get married or engaged, they have those themes too. Basically, you can suggest to them the theme you want and they will see if they can do it or not.

This is mine!

Pretty little things, aren't they? I'm amazed at their effort taken to do the icing. I chose the chocolate chip flavour, but i wanna try the mint chocolate chip and coffee flavours as well! But they only allow 1 flavour and design per box.

That's all folks, now off to eat me cupcakes!


YIN said...

Oi, how much per cup cake? You gonna eat all by ur lil self? Tsk, tsk! Watch the calories, girl!

shuqios said...

No wonder so secretive bout the theme. Very eye-catching the cupcakes... Very sweet arr.. better control yourself else u gotta join me for diet

Wendism said...

haha shir's evidence is in her current putrajaya pic..
u mean u bot those cupcakes? not a pressie from someone??

hot choc said...

For more info visit the website! No delivery to Melaka. They sell by the box not per piece.
Don't worry, i don't eat it alone. Will share the calories with those around.
Once i gave a piece to a 1 year old girl, she smashed it into a pulp. Cute! Too bad i don't have a photo of that.

Jace said...

give me one... *hehe*

yin said...

if u give one to Josh, he'll give u a kiss and a hug.... not like some unappreciative toddler!

naddy said...

hello... just blog hopping... i picked up mine today and they turned out nice as well :)

Anonymous said...

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