Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh Singapura (Final Day)

Sorry for the delay, been swamped with work. Here's the continuation from my last post.

On the 3rd day, everyone woke up early as usual. Couldn't decide where to go or what to do till my Dad suggested to go to the Zoo! So off to the Zoo we went after breakfast. This is my second time visiting the Singapore Zoo. I don't remember my first visit but i vaguely remember going and riding the tram (and i still got some Singapore Zoo stickers with me!).

We arrived nice and early, and there wasn't too much of a crowd. We parked our car easily, without hassle. Lots of animal photos ahead (well, it's a zoo afterall), and also of my part time model, Josh.

Josh, going for the off-shoulder look

Mr. and Mrs. Macaw

Polly wants a cracker!

Hmm...i heard they name a brand after me (Crocs)


White Bengal Tigers

Here fishy, fishy, fishy! Josh choosing his fish for lunch.

Warthogs. Reminds me of Lion King

Pygmy hippos


Aha! Photo-op!

After walking for a while, we came to a 'Cool Rest Air-con Shelter' to rest for a bit.

Feeding time in the zoo

Another tram ride

Who is the Queen of the jungle?

Polar Bear


We stopped by at the playground. Spotted Singapore celebrities Wong Li Lin with husband Allan Wu and kids. Didn't snap a photo of them though.

He just lovessss playing in water

After seeing enough animals for one day, we headed off to lunch. Guess where........KFC! inappropriate.

Everyone was tired out after another day out.Me and my sis headed out for another spot of last minute shopping while everyone else took a nap. We managed to grab some shirts and presents for my Dad's birthday. (One thing i like about Singapore is their transportation. It's so easy to catch a bus or MRT to just anywhere.)

Later in the evening, after a cuppa, we headed back home. Felt bushed after 3 days in Singapore.

~The End~

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