Monday, December 03, 2007

Sydney Day 7

It's our last day in Sydney. We're all flying back early the next day. It's our final chance to shop!!

Since it was a Thursday, we headed to Paddy's market (opens on Thursdays to Sunday). There were sooo many stalls (think Chatuchak Bangkok). Sorry didn't take any photos. Was busy shopping!

Spent the entire morning there, and then after a quick lunch we headed off to meet Su, Trevor and Claire. They brought us to the Koala Park! We were in time for the feeding time, that's when they allow visitors to pet the koala.

Strong and sturdy trees

They sleep 18 hours a day! Wake up only for meals

You can touch her just as long as she's busy eating

Me and the koala

There's more than just koalas there!

Over eager bird

It actually kept repeating 'Polly wants a cracker'

Feeding time


Unidentified sitting object



We got to feed the kangaroos as well!

After the afternoon at the Koala Park, we headed to Su's place for dinner with the whole family. That night, we had a few hours of sleep before we had to depart to the airport.

I couldn't sleep the whole flight back. So i watched a few movies (Fantastic 4 - 1 & 2 and Shrek 2). Arrived back at Singapore exhausted and took a cab back to Muar the night itself. Was an enjoyable trip to Sydney and i sure do hope to go there again!

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