Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Saturday night out in KL

A month back i went for a meal at the famous Coliseum Cafe & Hotel (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL). Many of you may have heard of this place as it's a famous and old hotel and restaurant, which has appeared on newspapers and tv a few times already.

The design and decorations there are old and you will not find any young waiters and waitresses there, as they are all old timers.

We ordered the oxtail soup, garlic bread and sizzling steaks. Upon ordering their sizzling steaks, you will find the old waiter (read: 80 over year-old dude) coming closer to tie a bib around your neck!

Salad with dressing

Oxtail Soup

Famous garlic bread

Rib eye steak

T-bone steak

The food was good and worth a visit. After the meal, we went to check out Pavilion as we have yet to visit the place. At first we got into a traffic jam heading to the place, but we found another way in (Jalan Raja Chulan) which was much more accessible.

The place is rather pricey, with all the expensive brands there. Wanted to get some J.Co donuts, but the place was jam packed and so i decided not to wait :( I heard the newly opened one at Sunway Pyramid is as packed.

Oh well, got to be satisfied with Big Apple donuts for now. Their limited edition Alien vs Predator donuts are delicious!

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