Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soup in bread!

Was at Times Square today accompanying a friend to shop, when we came across this stall selling bread! It looked like a good concept, so we stopped to try out the soup.

Espress Soup

My friend ordered the minestrone soup, while me and the bf had the good 'ol mushroom soup. The mushroom soup was served first, where the soup was simply ladled into the bread. Then the minestrone next, but we were wondering why it was served separately into another bowl. We asked the people there, and they said it was because the minestrone soup was too wet to be served straight to into the bread. Jeez, just admit it's watery.

The watery minestrone

I didn't try the minestrone soup, but from the looks of it, it was not appetizing at all. My friend did say that it is bad.

Mushroom soup

The mushroom soup was good. Way much better than the minestrone. But then, the bread didn't have any taste at all. I quote, "It tastes like cardboard".

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