Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Surviving CNY shopping!

Tip number 1: Don't give up! You will get there (through the massive jam) and you will find a parking space..........eventually.
Tip number 2: If you take public transport, suck your stomach in and squeeze into the bus/train.
Tip number 3: Don't get suckered into buying everything that has a 70% or 50% discount tag over it. The price has usually been marked-up.

I went to my company's kick-off dinner last saturday. The theme was retro.....so yeah, you could see loads of people in all kinds of outfits. Quite a number of them rented their costumes. I reckon some were wearing their old clothes. Heh. Most of the managers and directors were sporting enough to dress up as well, and also performed during the dinner! Some employees did a great dance performance which included a medley of songs. Really got everyone into the 'retro' mood. The rookies also performed a few songs. I wasn't included as i'm toooooo new. So i'll be performing at the next kick-off dinner in the middle of the year. I didn't stay long enough to see who was crown retro king and queen though.

On sunday, i went to do my CNY shopping in Midvalley. I went there fairly early, but by noon the crowd grew bigger and bigger! Tried on lots of clothes but bought little. Went back by KTM/LRT and was sardined. I don't want to talk about it....and i sure don't want to relive it! Crazy CNY shoppers! For my case, i can't help it. Wasn't free to go before this. :p

Went to 1Utama just now, and surprisingly, it wasn't that jam and it was easy to find a parking space! Bought a few more items and came home satisfied.

Been having the flu the whole day. Will go sleep now. Nites! Happy CNY!

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