Monday, February 13, 2006

15 days of CNY

Don't worry, am not going to go through all the 15 days. I'll summarise.

So, CNY has come and gone. It was a quiet new years this time around. Well, it did start of quiet, but got rather busy when Joshua (read: baby) was back. Ang pow collection wasn't that good either. When people know you've already started working, then that's it. No more ang pow. Did some visiting, loads of eating, and of course some gambling. Didn't throw any oranges yesterday though. To me oranges are meant for eating. Period.

Watched 'The Producers' when i was back home. Quite nice and funny. But the vcd quality wasn't that good. Went to the cinema to watch 'Fearless'. Great fighting scenes. The whole village thing could have been omitted if they weren't following the real story. It was like fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, dance & skip around on paddy fields, fight, fight, fight. And after a long wait, i finally watched Memoirs of A Geisha. I did try to get the cinema tickets for the last time, but oh well, it wasn't meant to be. The movie was a bit.....unnatural. Cause it was all in English. Next movie i'm looking forward to is 'Da Vinci Code'. I hope it won't be disappointing. Else it will seem that all movies adapted from books have been a failure.

Since CNY's over, there's another occasion to splurge on: Valentines! Happy Valentines, people!


Jeffmeljosh said...

No ah! LOTR was ok so was Harry Potter! You haven't watched Matilda have you?????? What about Madeline the cartoon??? Louisa!

hot choc said...

Ok, except for LOTR. Harry Potter the latest one was bad. I mean the story line. Jump here and there. Am talking abt latest movies la...Matilda & Madeline don't say la.