Thursday, April 26, 2007


At last, i had the opportunity to try out Shogun last Friday. The restaurant opens at 6.30pm, so lots of people were milling around outside before that. I was really looking forward to eating lots of idako (baby octopus) and soft shell crab (it's a Japanese buffet by the way). There were lots of food and drinks available. We were given complimentary oysters. I barely touched it, only ate the cheese which covered it. The oyster didn't look appetizing and kinda raw.

Oysters and a Japanese snail next to it

See the soft shell crab? Yum...

My idako sushi, there weren't many available


The food was so-so only. The teppanyaki was nice but kinda salty. Come to think of it, a lot of the food were salty or sweet. I think they are making it like that so people won't eat so much. (You know you get kinda 'muak' if you eat too much salty or sweet stuff). Had to keep drinking their green tea to wash the taste down.

The worst thing that can happen after you've eaten is seeing this right next to you:

It's a cockroach if you can't tell

My visit to Shogun has been very disappointing, food-wise and cleanliness-wise. Don't think i would eat here ever again. Give me Rakuzen @ Plaza Damas anytime!


shuqios said...

got so teruk bo?

hot choc said...

Got ler...U try Rakuzen then u know..