Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bringing a Gundam to life 4

Hey peeps! Sorry for not blogging earlier, got a little busy at work after my long Christmas + New Year hols.

We received a Gundam for Christmas, this time a Legend Gundam!

Legend Gundam

The full set.....Joker sold separately


Trying out for size

How much for the head?

No hard feelings? Give me a hug!

Hmm..something's not right here

There, much better...

This is how i cut my nails, cut my nails, cut my nails...

The back gear do i use this?

It's a little heavier than i thought

All done


A group picture

This time around, fixing the Gundam was a little different from the previous ones. All the same, it was fun! Which model should we get next?

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