Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harry Potter Dan Gelas Berapi

Right.....somehow i got the word 'gunung berapi' in my head. Goblet = Gelas??? Doesn't sound dignified any more.

So yeah, i went to watch Harry Potter recently. Well, it was full of action but......somehow the story line was lil' distorted. There wasn't a clear story line at all. People who never read any of the books would be totally lost. So that was the disappointing part to me. I had very high hopes for this movie but i only feel 50% satisfied.

To me Dum-bly-dore was a lil' aggressive, especially the part when he asked Harry if he put his name into the Gelas Berapi. In the book he was potrayed as calm, never afraid, more levelheaded kinda guy but in the movie he was, well.....opposite. Richard Harris (RIP) did a better job.

And what happened to Ludo Bagman?? Percy?? Mrs. Weasley?? And and.......etc.

Oh and where's that 'Wronski Fient' stunt?? And the Quidditch World Cup was fast-forwarded i felt like it was censored....u know like on tv, when there's a kissing scene, the guy and girl lean forward to each other and then before u know it they are parting already. I know i can't expect the movie to be exactly like the book, but i feel some parts shouldn't have been taken out.

Ok, ok....enough bashing let's move on to what was good in the movie. Hmmmm.... the Triwizard Tournament was good, only the third task was missing all the creatures. The Quidditch World Cup part had potential to be good, but then it was brutally cut off so.......

Anyways, there are other movies coming out, like Narnia. Read the book when i was younger hopefully the movie is as good. Reckon King Kong will be worth watching? Directed by Peter Jackson (of the LOTR fame), so it should be ok. Any other nice movies coming out?

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