Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A very Abby family!

First off, sorry for not updating for so long. Have been quite busy with work that i've missed out on a few posts. But first things first! Remember my Abyssinian guinea pigs? Here's a picture to remind you guys.

Well, we have had them for 5 months now. When we bought them from the shop we were told they were about 2 months old, which makes them 7 months now. And the shop didn't know their gender then. So we put them in the same cage. After 5 months with no babies, we thought that it was safe. My, were we in for a surprise!

Imagine, every morning you look into the cage and greet the 2 guinea pigs. Imagine one day you look into the cage and find a little bugger staring at you!

Make it 2 little buggers!

Imagine the surprise we got! But they were soooooo cute and their coats so smooth. One good thing about baby guinea pigs is that they are born with fur and are miniatures of their parents. They can be handled immediately without fear of their parents rejecting them later.

So now we have 4 pigs in a cage.

The happy Abby family

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