Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've signed up for PayPerPost!

I joined the blogging bandwagon in 2005, but have been reading blogs way before that. After a while i saw the trend of how bloggers could get paid by blogging and making it a profession. Soon i learned about PayPerPost. A friend of mine told me you can earned quite a lot through it, so i thought, why not give it a try? It would sure help me financially especially now that i've got a place of my own and i can start saving for a car next, and don't get me started on all the weddings i'm attending this year (not mine!).

Joining PayPerPost (PPP) is very easy! You just need to sign up for an account, get your blog approved and then you're on your road to get paid for blogging! You will be paid through PayPal, so for those who don't have a PayPal account, you just need to sign up for one.

My blog has now been approved and this is my first assignment which i will be paid $20 for it! There are a whole list of opportunities to choose from and you just have to blog, get it approved and ta da! you will be paid. You can easily make $500 or more through PPP. PPP combines both blogging and business therefore we can view it as blog marketing.

So now i'm encouraging all bloggers out there reading this to join PPP if you still haven't. It's not hard and definitely not a scam. It's just simply paying you to blog. How hard can that be?

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